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Representation Matters: Bessie, Queen of the Sky

I’ve always been of the mindset that, representation matters. When it comes to media—whether mainstream or digital—the arts, and especially education, when we see ourselves depicted in a positive manner, it influences us. Empowers us. Uplifts us. We know that to be true even as grown black women who find empowerment in the characters played on our favorite TV shows or when we watch a fashion show that has models that look like us. Imagine how monumental it could be if we empowered our babies with representation in the spaces where they need it the most.

Enter Queen Girls, a publications company founded by sisters-in-law Jimena and Andrea, that has started a movement to share new-age fairytales based on the stories of real women. With most fairytales celebrating the strength and power of men, Queen Girls is taking a different route. The goal? To give children, specifically our young queens, a positive outlook on life. To show them that dreams are not only possible but, they’re real. Which is why you’ll find each of the books in the Queen Girls collection based on real women.

Bessie, Queen of the Sky

Bessie Queen of the Sky

The first story in the Queen Girls collection is Bessie, Queen of the Sky. A story that tells of the first black woman in the world to receive her pilot’s license, Bessie Coleman. It will be printed in both English and Spanish and for every book purchased, one will be donated to child “who may be struggling to dream”. You see, Queen Girls isn’t just about inspiring our own children, it’s about making a true impact across our entire community.

In the spirit of Kwanzaa, let’s work together to give our children hope for a better and equal tomorrow. Join us in supporting Queen Girls and all the queen girls in our communities and beyond. You can donate to the Queen Girl Kickstarter to pre-order your copy of Bessie, Queen of the Sky while helping another young queen dare to dream.

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