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The Black Girls Travel Code

The Black Girls Travel Code

by Saeeda Ruffin 

Packed, money stacked, and itinerary KNOW what time it is! Can you say "Black girls gonna travel!?!?" The idea of planning an adventure with your closest crew can be so exhilarating. As soon as the squad assembles, the magic starts to happen. It's an automatic bond that makes everyone in the group love and appreciate what they have together. There's just something special about sista-friends, and when you've been friends for so long you've forgotten how you even met--well that's sista-hood at its finest. 


When girl trippin’ is on the agenda, the squad will absolutely keep the SHE-nanigans going. That’s why it’s so important to have a Girls Trip Code in place. While it has been scientifically proven that Black women can have full conversations without saying a word, there are a few housekeeping reminders that every sista-set needs to know for their safety and enjoyment. Everybody’s gonna be on the same page from the jump! This Izzy & Liv Girls Trip Code is a (un)official playbook that will keep you united and 100% in sync at ALL times. Here are the rules of the game sis!

This trip is NOT the time to dress like you’re running to the local grocery store for toilet paper. Everybody’s outfits must be on point, at all times. Yes, you will be expected to be absolutely fabulous regardless of the activity. Yes, it’s going to take a little bit of effort. Hey, it just is what it is.

When queens travel together, you are all royalty and, therefore, related by default. Be committed to each other throughout the trip. Misunderstandings can and will happen but squash any squabbles with a quickness. Keep the “family” tight. In the words of Jay Z, “Nobody wins when the family feuds.”

Ain’t nobody got time for you sittin’ around, not wanting to try new stuff, or do fun things. Uh, this is not just your trip, it’s the Girls’ Trip, and doing the most is to be expected – no questions asked.

You know we’re talking about those playlists! The music has got to be bumpin’ and mood appropriate. Give the queens what they like. If you can’t do it, step aside and let someone else control the tunes. If you need ideas, check out Izzy & Liv’s channel on Spotify for inspiration.

Love your girls, but trust no one outside your circle. No sis left behind or rolling alone. No drinks left unattended. Act like you know! Nobody traveling alone. None of that. 

Uh, there are times when you just need to send a discreet message to each other. Get your signals together BEFORE the trip. Whatever your squad decides, it needs to be universally understood.

At some point on the trip everybody is going to have on the same outfit, same pajamas, same hairstyle, same something. Why not level up and even coordinate your dances?! Have at least one group dance routine for Instagram or TikTok. Coordination takes time, so have that stuff already set up.

Surely you want everyone to look, smell, and feel her best, right? Play nice and don’t hold back. Let your girl have a spritz of that perfume or wear that cute hat that matches her fit. Love lends!

When it comes to playing games or participating in dance competitions and such, winning is always the objective. Yes, it is about the fun,’s also about the win. Sis, just know that everybody in the crew must go ALL IN. That trophy, title, and maybe even that money, have your squad’s name written all over it!

Keep each other fixed, adjusted, and looking fly. Wig not straight? Edges not laid? Curls need fluffing? Tighten it up for your sis. Lips looking ashy? Pass the gloss, the lipstick, or even the Carmex. You don’t want to be the one who let your sis get caught out there lacking. Look checks are essential, but absolutely nobody shaming. Let your sista break free and be great!

Ok, so that’s not exactly how the saying goes, but it’s still the truth. Don’t talk too much or tell all your business while you’re on the trip. Everybody doesn’t need to know your life story or mine! Some of the sistas may even want to be incognito, so do your best to respect that – and MOST DEFINITELY do not spill the tea afterward! This adventure is about fun, friendship, and tomfoolery...for the GIRLS. No data leaks allowed.



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