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African Brands You Need in Your Life

Written By: Racquel Parker

African designers have been taking the world by storm with their bold, eclectic, and vibrant designs. When it comes to style, Black women are the originators of the “Fly Girl” aesthetic. From our jewelry and fashion to our hairstyles and the way we carry ourselves, it’s just the Black Girl Magic we exude daily. Across the world, our African sisters are no different. If these brands aren’t on your list, ADD them now because they ain’t come to play!


Image Credit: Courtesy of AAKS

In Northern Ghana, the women have been making raffia bags within their tribes for generations. Female founder, Akosua Afriyie-Kumi has made it her mission to preserve the technique and provide sustainable income to the women of Northern Ghana. They’re also known as basket bags and AAKS creates them in bright and beautiful colors with detailed leather trim. AAKs can be purchased on their website, J. Crew, Nordstrom, and Madewell just to name a few. Their Season 6 Collection is giving ALL the Black Girl luxury vacation vibes for us!

Shop AAKS:
Keep in Touch: IG: @a.a.k.s


Image Credit: Courtesy of Tongoro

Remember the black and white printed suit and matching durag Beyoncé wore in her video “Spirit” for Disney’s “The Lion King”? It’s a custom Tongoro Bamako Suit along with a Cairo facepiece and earrings. Senegal native, and founder Sarah Diouf, is no stranger to seeing Beyonce and other celebrities rocking her pieces. Tongoro’s aesthetic is all about free-flowing pieces and vibrant prints. Everything is 100% produced in Africa from sourcing materials, working with local tailors and designers and shipping internationally. Check out their documentary “Made in Africa” narrated by their founder to get a closer look at their journey.

Shop Tongoro and Watch Documentary:
Keep in Touch: IG: @tongorostudio


Image Credit: Courtesy of Hanifa

Congolese-born, female founder Anifa Mvuemba, broke the internet with her brand Hanifa in May of 2020 while the world was on lockdown due to COVID-19. With a 3D fashion show and an invisible model, Hanifa launched their Pink Label Congo Collection on the brand’s Instagram Live. Hanifa’s colorful eclectic pieces embody the beautiful people of the Congo with bold bright prints. This collection featured a classic summer tee that supports Congolese families by donating twenty percent of profits to continue the fight against illegal coltan mining in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Hanifa’s Runway Fall Winter 2021 Collection will have you wanting to give them all your coins sis!

Shop Hanifa:
Keep in Touch: IG: @hanifaofficial

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