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Sis You Are That Woman

Written By: Saeeda Ruffin

Sis, you are unique. There has never been and there will never be another woman like you to walk the face of this earth. What makes you special is not simply defined by what you wear or how you style your hair. The fact that you were created for the sole purpose of living YOUR LIFE, from the inside out, is what drives your individuality. Your life is a compilation of experiences that have guided your journey to being the best you possible. You owe it to yourself to stay true to who you are because, Sis, you are THAT woman. 

Living for you is a daily commitment. Here are a few ways to make sure you’re keeping the personal promise to be fully and authentically you:

Live In The Moment

It’s way too easy to get distracted from really immersing yourself in the task at hand. There are so many other things on your mind. Regardless of what you’re doing, try your best to maximize that experience by being present. Just be you in the moment. If it’s a meal, savor each and every bite. If it’s time with a loved one or friend, stay engaged and truly connect. Of course, if it’s an activity that you paid for, Girl, get your money’s worth and do that thang all out! 

Keep Your Village Real

Everybody knows iron sharpens iron. Your village can be mad instrumental in helping you get where you want to be personally, professionally, or even spiritually. That’s why it’s so important to surround yourself with positive people who uplift and support you. When it comes to Sista-friends, be sure they are people you can trust. After all, you share who you are with them, and they are a part of your world. Your village should know, accept, and love the REAL you. If they do all of those things, then count them as a blessing -- and you all can rise together!

Protect Your Peace and Purpose

Sis, your peace is worth more than gold. As you work to realize your purpose in this life, it can seem like you’re being tested like crazy. There may be some who question you, who don’t believe you have what it takes to be successful, and unfortunately, even those who may try and block you. Bypass the negativity, push forward, and overcome challenges with integrity and determination. Live your life in peace knowing that you have done your best to fulfill your own destiny. Whenever you need to remind yourself (or the world), just slip on your Izzy & Liv Protect Your Peace tee. 

Be Accountable To Yourself

Every day, ask yourself if what you are doing or plan to do is aligned with your purpose and values. If you are truly going to be who you say you are, then everything you do should align with that. Your Izzy & Liv Vision Board Kit is a perfect way to map out how you envision your life’s journey. Along the way, be resolute in the things that mean the most to you and hold yourself accountable to live your truth. It doesn’t matter how other people feel about you or what they say. You need to be comfortable with yourself and how you are pursuing your goals. If you find that you are not 100% feeling what you’re putting out, reevaluate things, rethink your intent, then let your full potential be manifested in your actions. Above all else, that is what you are most accountable for in this life. 

Sis, the true you is worthy of success, able to make a positive impact, and valued by others whose lives you enrich. Strive every day to live a life that is representative of those things and make serving authenticity your norm. The real you is fabulous! Let the world see her and know her. May this New Year bring you even more opportunities to live your purpose with peace and prosperity! 

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