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7 Tips For The Best Bubble Bath Guide

There's something so relaxing and luxurious about taking a bubble bath. Make your own homemade bath bombs or add bubbly to your favorite bath recipes with this guide on how to have the best bubble bath! Click here to download your 7 Tips for The Best Bubble Bath Guide!

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The Best of 2022 Playlist

By Girl TylerWhen you look back over the year, you can't help but reminisce on the good days and the not-so-good days. No matter the twist and turns on the...

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Ditch The Resolutions & Read These Self-Help Books

By Girl TylerThe greatest project you'll ever work on is you. Healing takes inner work that some people spend a lifetime avoiding. The sooner you begin, the sweeter the journey....

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How To Have A Staycation & Be A Tourist At Home

By Tiffany Stewart Arguably, the best thing about the holidays is the opportunity to rest and spend quality time with your loved ones, but as sweet as those lazy days...

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Lazy Day Viewing

By Girl Tyler The days between Christmas Eve and New Year’s Day present a unique opportunity to do the one thing you’ve said you’re going to do all year but...

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Survive The End of 2022 To Survive In 2023

By Tiffany Stewart You did it, sis! You made it through another year. The days may have seemed long, and the weeks short, but we made it, and that’s something...

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Teddy Riley's Pen Game Playlist

by Girl Tyler The late 1980s and 1990s belong to Sir Teddy Riley. His cultural impact dates back to the decade's dawn and spans multiple generations. His notable infusion of...

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Stay Warm Be Cool

By Tiffany StewartIt’s the time of the year when we must accept the fact that cooler days are among us, sis. Sadly, this also means it’s time to put away...

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How These Women On The Move Are Redefining The Soft Life

by Girl Tyler  Welcome to the "soft life." You've probably seen it making its rounds on social media all year long. The phrase is a desired destination met with resistance...

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Embrace The Cozy Season

by Tiffany Stewart Many good things come with the colder months, but one of the not-so-good things is seasonal depression. Seasonal Depression (SAD) tends to get brushed aside as simply...