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Comfy Is The New Biz Wear

by Tiffany Stewart

After surviving the global pandemic, everyone is eager to exit lockdown and regain some sense of normalcy. Employers are welcoming their employees back into the office once again. No matter whether you’re going back into the office once or twice a week, or they’re begging you to pledge a full five, you don’t have to sacrifice the cozy girl lifestyle you’ve gotten accustomed to. Here are some staple pieces that are office approved. Wear these cute and comfy pieces and slay the conference room, a quick zoom call, and beyond.

The blazer was first introduced to the fashion world as very serious business, but it has earned a spot in the casual, everyday wear world, becoming an investment piece for women and their wardrobes. You can wear a blazer any time of the year. Pair it with everything from dresses to trousers, to denim to spandex! Talk about range? From oversized to boxy to cinched or ultra-feminine, you can pair a classic black or colorful blazer with any outfit to give off that “I mean business” look. As Latto said, “It’s givin’ Boss...”

Dresses have always been an office staple but when we say no hassle, we mean no hassle. No zippers. No buttons. Nothing. Whether it’s a printed wrap dress, a cute swing dress, or even a flowy maxi dress, this is the perfect piece to bring a pop of personality to the office without requiring much effort. Extra points if you can pair it with your power blazer or leather sneakers.

Gone are the days of struggling to get into a pair of jeans. Thanks to the invention of comfy pants, no buttons or zippers shall break our Monday spirit ever again. Pants now come with an elastic waistband or a tie front that you can pair with a cute heel or sneaker to give it a biz casual look. They are the ultimate cheat code because while you may be physically back in the office, your body feels like you’re at home binge-watching your favorite show. We call that maintaining peace of mind!

As much as we miss (and love!) our heels, our ankles aren’t the same after spending the past two years in slides and crocs. So, for those office days when you simply can’t do anything higher than three inches, it’s time to invest in a pair of leather sneakers. The dad shoe look is fully on trend right now. The beauty of these is that you can pair them perfectly with a dress, a pair of comfy pants, or even a casual suit. During her campaign run, our VP Kamala Harris spent most of her time in Chuck Taylors, subconsciously rebranding what political fashion is by showcasing her personal style while remaining comfortable and ready for anything that came her way.

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