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7 Black Wealth Building Podcasts to Get Ahead in 2022

Written By: Girl Tyler

Did you eat your greens and black-eyed peas on January 1st? The belief that these soul food dishes bring prosperity and good fortune in the New Year is alive and well. Maybe you missed out on the good eats or never believed in it in the first place; either way, you deserve a whole lotta money this year and beyond. Wealth building is a hot topic, and you need to be in on the conversation.

Money talks can be super awkward, even among your loved ones and closest friends. You don't have to say a word -- just listen up. We've rounded up a few podcasts which are hosted by financial coaches and educators that provide wealth-building advice that will be music to your ears. 

These experts have countless episodes with tips to alleviate debt, boost your credit, and move closer to your financial goals. Ready to purchase your first home? Budgeting for a significant purchase? Interested in learning about pathways to generational wealth? They got you. 

It all starts with an eagerness to learn and a willingness to step outside your comfort zone. Develop healthy money habits, financial strategies, and a realistic action plan. Who cares about your past financial decisions or poor spending habits? The future is now. It's never too late to give your finances a checkup. Get thine coin with guidance from these pros!

Earn Your Leisure 


Brown Ambition Podcast with Mandi & Tiffany


Journey to Launch 


The Clever Girls Know Podcast

@clevergirlsknowpodcast, @clevergirlfinance

The His and Her Money Show 

@ hisandhermoney

Black Wealth Renaissance


Redefining Wealth


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