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How To Have A Staycation & Be A Tourist At Home

By Tiffany Stewart

Arguably, the best thing about the holidays is the opportunity to rest and spend quality time with your loved ones, but as sweet as those lazy days on the couch may be, chillaxing quickly turns stale. So, this year, instead of giving in to boredom, try exploring your city a la tourist style

Explore Your City
If you live near a major city, purchasing passes through sources such as City Pass is a convenient way to buy tickets to attractions, at a discount.

Take a Day Trip
Try packing the car and taking the family on a long drive. If you live along the coast, make a day trip out of this. A long scenic drive is a cute way to spend quality time together and make new memories.

Have a Staycation
Another way to truly unlock the tourist experience is to treat yourself to a staycation. Book a hotel room for a night or two and take full advantage of those amenities. Treat yourself to the pool, the hotel bar, and some good room service. If you plan to stay-cay alone, book a spa appointment, visit a museum or see a movie. These activities involve little to no speaking, which is also a treat after a busy holiday season.

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