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DIY Face Masks

Written by: Racquel Parker

Self–care is a priority for us over here and we’re manifesting glowing and moisturizing skin all year long. Face masks are soothing and relaxing and we’re sharing our favorite DIY ones with you. The best part of it all is you can make them with a few simple ingredients you may already have in your kitchen. Do you need a bowl to get started? Your Izzy & Liv Artisan Coconut Shell Bowl and Spoon Set is perfect for mixing your face masks.  

Brown Sugar and Coconut Oil 

Y’all, know we love some Brown Sugar, so this one was a no-brainer and, exfoliating just feels good on the skin. With this mask, you get a scrub without all the harsh ingredients. Coconut oil is a great ingredient that is used for cooking, skin and hair care, and so much more so you may already have it in your kitchen or beauty stash. Lauric acid found in coconut oil kills bacteria and reduces inflammation. Use equal parts brown sugar and coconut oil for gentle exfoliation, apply, and rinse with cool water.  

Oats and Honey 

Oats and honey are tried-and-true food staples that have been used for as long as we can remember. Remember soothing oatmeal baths as kids? Our parents and grandparents were on to something sis! Check your pantry, I’m pretty sure you’ve got some oatmeal in there. Whatever you have works, whether it’s rolled oats, instant packs, or old-fashioned oats. Research shows oats gently exfoliate and soothe while honey moisturizes and hydrates. Use equal parts oats and honey to make a paste, apply to skin, and rinse with cool water.  

Yogurt, Honey, Turmeric, and Apple Cider Vinegar  

This awesome foursome is packed with skin-loving ingredients. Yogurt has calcium which is good for overall skin health. Honey is filled with antioxidants plus it moisturizes and hydrates skin. Turmeric is an anti-inflammatory ingredient that naturally detoxifies the skin. It's bright orange so be careful not to use too much as it can stain your skin temporarily. Apple Cider Vinegar can be used to tone the skin, exfoliate, and balance the skin’s ph. This is one of those recipes where you sprinkle until your ancestors tell you to stop. Mix in plain yogurt, a small amount of turmeric, honey, and apple cider vinegar to make a paste, apply to skin, and rinse with cool water.  

These DIY face mask recipes are super easy to make and can be added as a step in your morning or night skincare routine. Here’s to glowing and moisturizing skin all 2022!  

For more skin-loving facts about coconuts and other ingredients you may have in your pantry check here: 


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