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Embrace The Cozy Season

by Tiffany Stewart

Many good things come with the colder months, but one of the not-so-good things is seasonal depression. Seasonal Depression (SAD) tends to get brushed aside as simply being a case of the “winter blues,” but it’s high time we recognized that it’s more than that – and it’s more common than you might think. When it feels like the funk has an unbreakable hold on you, remember these approaches to help keep your mood and motivation steady until spring.

Find Balance
It’s easy to want to isolate during the colder months simply because you don’t want to go outside. The trick is to find the balance between me time and we time. Take the time to turn inward and nest while things are on the slower side. Don’t forget to lean on your village.

Stay Social
Join an in-person book club or a virtual networking group to keep yourself connected with others on your own terms.

Stick to a Schedule
Feeling sluggish and fatigued when it’s colder is also common. It’s important to not only stick to a regular schedule but also to remain healthy and active,

Create New Hobbies
Now is the perfect time to start a new hobby. Try a cooking class or a new gym to keep yourself mentally and physically occupied.

Get Your Vitamin D
If you aren’t already doing so, incorporate vitamin D into your diet. Not getting enough exposure to sunlight is a common cause of the winter blues and it affects not only the vibrancy of your skin but your overall mood.

Develop a Bedtime Routine
Last, but not least, since it gets darker earlier, it is important to develop a bedtime routine. When you follow a routine every night, the brain thinks of those activities as preparation for sleep.

These simple methods are just a few ways to embrace a cozy and relaxing winter without SAD energy.

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