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All-Out Aaliyah Playlist

Curated By: Girl Tyler

Long live the princess of R&B. Aaliyah Haughton’s life was cut tragically short at the age of 22. Her legacy and influence will forever transcend time. It’s impossible to describe the feeling of hearing her music for the first time and watching her live performances. Her dance moves and music videos were ahead of their time. Many of your favorite artists today mimic Aaliyah’s revolutionary, carefree Black girl style. The sunglasses, side part, and bare midsection were her signature and are still a staple today.

In honor of her music being released 20 years after her untimely death, the All-Out Aaliyah playlist is a collection of her greatest hits. Get to know her music and celebrate it with your mom, your aunties, cousins, and even your granny. Everybody and their mama rocked with Aaliyah back in the day because she was just that special. Although she is no longer with us, Aaliyah’s career is a master class in following your own muse. She is forever a positive, motivating force within our lives.

Are You That Somebody?

If Your Girl Only Knew

One in a Million

Try Again

Come Back in One Piece by DMX ft. Aaliyah

We Need a Resolution ft. Timbaland

Hot Like FireMore than a Woman

At Your Best (You Are Love)

I Care 4 U

I Refuse

4 Page Letter

I Don’t Wanna

The One I Gave My Heart To

Come Over

Listen to the All-Out Aaliyah playlist here.

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