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Crafty, Sexy, Cool Make and Take Ideas

Written By: Saeeda Ruffin

Variety is the spice of life. This is especially true when it comes to hosting events like a girls' night in. Nobody wants to attend an event that’s too predictable and boring. Your guests want to have a good time, but they don’t want to just do the same old stuff. Where would the fun be in that?It can be challenging coming up with fun and engaging activities that will satisfy a group of grown women. You have to get really creative with things...think outside of the box, and do something that, maybe, you and your squad never thought about doing before. When you either host or attend a girls’ night, you want the event to be memorable and well worth your time. Well, these Crafty, Sexy, and Cool make and take ideas could be exactly what the squad is looking for!

Heat Things Up With Abstract Art

Everybody has done one of those paint classes where everybody makes the same work-of-art before. It’s fun, but, kind of not really tailored to your individuality. Your squad may want to express themselves a bit differently through the art they produce. Here is a very easy, fun, and totally cool art project that each of you can do during your girls’ night in. You will need plenty of small bottles of craft paint, canvases of varying sizes, and tell everyone to bring their...hairdryers! Yup. They will need those hairdryers to create their abstract art piece at your girls night in. Simply have them select the paints that they would like to use. Instruct them to drop and layer drops of different color paints. Then, they will use their hairdryer to blow the paint into abstract designs on the canvas. The finished products will be absolutely fabulous and really suited to their individual tastes.

Tat That!

So, many of you probably already have at least one tattoo. But, those are so...permanent! It’s a lot more fun playing around with different looks and trying out designs that might not be your “forever tats”. Well, you and your squad are going to love this activity. All you need is a computer, printable Tattoo Paper (which is temporary), and your creativity. You and your crew will design and print temporary tattoos for each other. Get as wild and sexy as you would like with this because it’s only temporary. Go all out with a full sleeve or get that face “tat” that you wondered about. Yes, it’s crazy, but, beyond all of that it is super fun and your squad will have a ball doing it!

Love On That Leather

Leather is just naturally very sleek and sexy. This time, you’re going to turn that beautiful, supple material into jewelry. You can bring leather purses or items that you would like to up-cycle and give a new life to, or you can simply buy leather from a craft store like Hobby Lobby. Then, get creative with your girls. Have earring clips available, string or wire for necklaces, and a basic sewing kit. There are so many designs available online that you can try or just let your own creative juices flow. Either way, the finished products are sure to be fabulous, and the time together will be absolutely priceless!

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