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8 Things We’re Leaving Behind in 2016

2016 has been a roller coaster year. We’ve literally experienced numerous ups and downs, but we’re looking forward to an amazing 2017. While you might be gearing up for your New Years’ resolutions, here are a few things we’re hoping to leave behind in 2016.

The word “fleek”

Things We're Leaving in 2016

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A few years ago, the world “fleek” became a part of pop culture. If your eyebrows weren’t “on fleek,” you were doing something wrong. I’m here to tell you that we’re definitely putting the word to rest! Sure, your eyebrows should definitely still look on point, but please stop using fleek to describe them. And while you’re at it, drop all its other forms like “fleeky” and “fleek af.” It’s almost as bad as when “swag” was the term of choice and Justin Bieber started saying “swaggy.”

Thin Edges

In 2017, we’re trying to have everyone’s edges flourishing, so we’re leaving thin edges in 2016. Controlling your edges is definitely a problem for most women. Many people have solved their problem by applying castor oil daily. Whatever you have to do, visit your doctor or try a home remedy, we’re getting those edges laid in 2017!

Love and Hip Hop Drama

Things We're Leaving Behind in 2016

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It’s hard to believe that Love and Hip Hop started only 5 short years ago, especially when it feels like the drama has gone on for decades. One thing we’re definitely ready to leave behind in 2016 is the drama from the show. While we may have been convinced in the beginning that the plot and situations were real, as the years have gone by, many of us fans have drifted from the show after realizing how set up the situations seem. When most of the drama spills from the show into the social media world, we’re definitely ready to roll our eyes and leave their “drama” in 2016.

Over-penciled Eyebrows

Tied into the word “fleek,” everyone’s trying to make sure their eyebrow game is strong. We just want to make sure it’s not too strong. Since many makeup brands have been coming out with brow powders, crèmes, and gels, everyone is trying to perfect their eyebrows. You might come across the heavy handed makeup enthusiasts, but that’s something we’re definitely leaving in 2015. 

Mannequin Challenge


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If you’re like many of us, you’re tired of hearing the words “that girl is a real crowd pleaser.” This past fall, the mannequin challenge blew up on social media to the song “Black Beatles” by Rae Sremmurd. Everyone would freeze in a position and a camera would pan in and out of the room to focus on all the participants. While this has definitely been a great activity for the fall of 2016, get it out of your system because come January 2017, the eye rolls will increase and the likes will decrease unless it’s particularly epic.

Instagram Beef

First we had to deal with people and their itchy Twitter fingers. Now it seems that a lot of the beef has moved from Twitter on to Instagram. If you follow accounts like TheShadeRoom and Baller Alert, you’re learning about all the problems as they happen. We’re definitely leaving the Instagram beef in 2016. We’re sure we can all find something better to do than focus on all the jabs being thrown and we can only hope that some of these celebs keep their privates lives off of the gram.

Donald Trump…WE WISH

Things We're Leaving in 2016

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Back in 2015, we might’ve thought we were leaving Donald Trump in 2015 when he announced he was running for president. While many thought he never had a chance, we’re now at the end of 2016 and a month away from his inauguration. Although we might wish we could leave him back in 2014 before he even announced his presidency, we’ll be dealing with him for the next four years.


With situations going on in the political world and our everyday society, we have seen hate pop up throughout the entire year. There have been radical supporters putting their hands on the opposition’s supporters. There have been innocent people gunned down at the hand of radicals and even law enforcement. One thing we’re hoping to leave behind in 2016 is hate. The world isn’t made for it and it is something that we’re hoping will perish, or at the very least diminish in the coming year.

Now that we’ve shared some things we’re hoping to get rid of in 2016, let us know what you’re planning on leaving behind before 2017 begins!

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