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Developing A Solid Morning Meditation Routine

by Girl Tyler

Meditation comes with a slew of benefits including stress management, reduced anxiety, lowered blood pressure, and increased serotonin, among other benefits. There are lots of apps with guided meditation and yoga classes that specialize in the art of meditation. Sometimes, you need a few minutes to yourself to collect your thoughts before embarking on a new day. Here are a few quick tips to get you started on a mindfulness journey. Over the next few weeks, you may notice improved sleep, relaxation, and an overall healthier mental state. Here are a few quick tips to get you started on a mindfulness journey.

Routine is everything in the morning and at night. Once you've caught up on overnight emails and
helped the kids get ready, you've already lost half of your day by prioritizing the needs of others. A daily alarm at the same time will remind you to meditate and organize your thoughts for the day. Try to set it at least an hour before everyone wakes up.

Sitting still can seem like a nightmare for the movers and shakers among us. Start with five minutes a day, then every other week, gradually increasing the time by five more minutes. Soon enough, you'll have the focus and capacity to meditate for an hour. Start a timer before meditating so you aren't preoccupied with how long you've meditated or how much time you have left.

Your meditation routine doesn't have to be fancy. The most significant factor is ensuring you are
distraction-free, to achieve total awareness. That means no phones, no TV, no partner– just a peaceful place in your home where you can mix and mingle with your intimate feelings. Sure, you'll hear your neighbors occasionally, or someone else in the house will make noise. Recite a mantra and get back to it! You will soon find ways to let sounds pass and resume focusing on your thoughts.

Meditation yields breakthroughs. Spend five minutes journaling after meditating to honor your feelings and your internal breakthroughs. Each session will reveal self-reflections and thought-provoking emotions that you typically ignore.

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