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2000's Trends Making A Comeback

by Girl Tyler

Have you been feeling wildly nostalgic lately? If so, what you’re feeling is very real -- and there’s a reason. Throwback looks from the 2000s are back, and even bolder than you remember. While we hope some looks never again see the light of day – think, hideous popcorn tops -- other trends recently have made a subtle comeback.

White tanks
It's giving Crazy in Love. Remember when Beyonce stepped on the scene for her solo debut in daisy dukes, red pumps, and a solid white tank? We STAN the iconic simplicity. Whether you're more of a ribbed style kind of gal, prefer spaghetti straps, or flexin' in a racerback, you'll never go wrong in a solid white tank.

Slip dresses
This 2000's high fashion look is a multipurpose staple in 2022. Slip dresses make for a functional convertible look from daytime attire to evening wear. Thigh high slit, floral prints, solids, drawstrings, asymmetric, square neck,
cowl neck, or open-back -- we love them all because the versatility is real!

Cargo pants
They're baaaack! This style had teens in a headlock in the '90s and '00s. They’re simple, comfy, and go with just about everything. How can you not love them?!

Lace-up tops
Peek-a-boo! Lace-up bodysuits and tanks leave nothing to the imagination. We love to see it.

Claw Clips
Hair clips were all the rage in the dawn of Y2k, and now they're a go-to accessory, giving scrunchies a run for their money.

Bandage dresses
Short-lived in the latter half of the decade, the style went hard on the party scene. The bandage dress is slowly re-emerging as a better version of its early run. All body types are welcome!

Low-Rise Pants
From pleated trousers to chinos and jeans, we have a feeling that wide-leg pants will stick around a little longer this time. They're great for any occasion: a job interview, first date, parent-teacher conference, or brunch with the girls.

Who knew a restrictive, Victorian-era undergarment for women would go from shapewear to a sexy declaration of feminine dominance? Celebrities rocked them on the red carpet throughout the '00s; now, they've evolved into a sporty exotic look. 

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