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5 Gift Ideas That Will Make Black Aunties and Big Mamas Happy

Written By: Saeeda Ruffin

You’ve probably been stressed about it for some time now. No doubt, it’s added more than a of anxiety to your holiday season. You KNOW what I mean ...What on earth should you get for those special women in your life?

Yes, the Big Mamas and Aunties can be a tad difficult to shop for. As a good “elder”, they will probably tell you that it’s better to give than to receive. But, give them something that is less-than up to snuff and well let’s just say they will let you know. It may not be outright but watch the face. Those turned-up lips and side-eyes will tell you everything you need to know! Sis, you want to avoid this at all costs.

Trust and believe, if you get gifts that make the Big Mamas and Aunties in your life happy, EVERYONE will enjoy their holiday! The pies will be a little bit sweeter. The mac and cheese will be a little bit cheesier, and that pound cake will be to die for--all because you hit a home run with your gifts to your favorite women.

Here are five Izzy &Liv gifts that are certain to make the amazing women in your life --and the whole village happy this holiday:

Give Them The Gear To Be A Showstopper

Our Botanical Beauty Kaftan Dress is stylish, soft, and comfortable. With minimal effort, it can go from a casual dress to a fabulous, show-stopping outfit. The styling options are unlimited.Perfect for all body types, the kaftan has a universal appeal and is sure to make your favorite women look and feel fantastic.

Give Them A Little Travel Help

When your favorite people need to travel, it can be a little daunting trying to identify their bags from countless others that are circling the carousel. Our World Renowned 2-Pack Luggage Cover Set will make that task a whole lot easier. These super cute covers make finding your luggage incredibly simple while protecting it from those inevitable nicks and dingsyou know.Your favorite female family members love to keep their stuff looking right and these do the trick!

Give Them Something To Keep Them Cool and Comfy 

Yes, it’s wintertime, Big Mama sweating more than usual? What about Auntie, is she complaining about the heat that no one else seems to feel?Well, let’s just say women of a “certain” age will appreciate the Izzy Liv Tribal Queen Bamboo Hand Fan. It’s just what they need to feel more like themselves.Compact enough to fit into a purse or to keep in the car, it offers the discreet help you need when things start heating upand it’s gorgeous!

Give Their Hair Some Protection
This Izzy Liv Camo Africa Satin Headwrap is so fly! Rest assured Big Mamaand Aunties will appreciate not only the fact that this satin headwrap will keep their beautiful locks protected, but the design will have them feeling like the queens they are. Make sure you have these fabulous women pose for some sweet selfies!
Gift Them A Little Help With Their Things
Now, you know, Big Mamas and Aunties have got to shop. When they’re getting their retail fix on, they might need a little help corralling those purchases.The Izzy Liv Botanical Beauty Reusable & Portable Compact Tote is fabulous for all their toting needs. Whether you’re running an errand or shopping, this little bag is ret to perform” when needed. You can make this gift even better by adding an Izzy&Liv gift card INSIDE the bag. Your Big Mamas and Aunties will be surprised and, yes, magnificently happy!

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