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3 Fall Beauty Trends We Can’t Wait to Try

Many consider autumn to be a magical season and it has nothing to do with the fast approaching Halloween. The days get shorter, the nights get colder, and we’re faced with the mystic phenomenon of the changing leaves. While some of us are quick to dig up our scarves, jackets, and favorite boots, we can’t forget about the fall beauty trends that have been waiting to reappear for a year. Whether you’re going dark with a classic ‘90s lip or bringing out your inner vamp with a blood red polish, check out the fall beauty trends we can’t wait to try!

Dark Kisses

During the fall months, we’re leaving our mark everywhere we go. Whether it’s on the white of a napkin or the smooth lips of our significant other, we’re leaving a few dark kisses behind. One hot trend we’re definitely jumping into for fall 2017 is the dark lip. Kiss goodbye your baby pinks and bright oranges. This fall, we’re going deeper and darker. We’re trading in bright pinks for bold browns. Classic reds are being swapped out with vampy reds. Black is the new black with the ultimate dark lip.

photo via Pinterest, Fair and Glow, & OmogeMuRa

photo via Pinterest, Fair and Glow, & OmogeMuRa 

Midnight Manicures

If you’re looking for the perfect fall manicure, be sure to go with the colors of the season. Soft pastels and vibrant neons might’ve been your go-to as of late, but we’re going with colors that pair well with the darkening sky. Embrace your inner goth with an onyx black. Shed a few layers with a shadowy grey. Dark reds, blues, and purples will create an ideal fall look while terracotta orange will have you blending in perfectly with the autumn leaves.

Fall Beauty Trends: Midnight Manicures

Dye Jobs

The changing months has the weather and scenery ready to transform, so why don’t we transform as well? Green leaves are preparing to change colors and that leads us to our final fall beauty trend. While the leaves are naturally shifting to yellows, oranges, and reds, we’re ready to go through an artificial one! This fall, we’re ditching monochromatic hair for dye jobs! Regardless of if you’re rocking your natural hair, relaxed hair, or newly installed unit, who needs the “classic” highlight? We’re switching up the game and going for burgundy, aubergine, and even grey locks!

Fall Beauty Trends: Dye Jobs

When it comes to the fall, the darker the better! The spring and summer seasons had us dabbling in pinks and pastels, but we’re now turning over to the dark side of autumn. These fall beauty trends will have you making a statement well into the winter months, so be sure to keep your hair flowing, nails shining, and lips smiling.

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