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Honoring Peaceful Connections

By Saeeda Ruffin

Take a deep breath and fill your body and mind with the splendor of nature. Oh, she is exquisite, for real! Yes, the earth has so many wondrous attributes, many of which are, quite simply, indescribable. We only have one planet to live on and enjoy, so you might as well live a life of peace, in harmony with nature.

When you have peace within yourself, you are better able to recognize the value and beauty of life around you. Your senses are unleashed to the magnificence of the colors that surround you in nature, the aromas that fill the open air, and the textures that add a bit of majesty to our world. By appreciating what nature has to offer, we elevate the importance of maintaining the connection between our human selves and nature’s omnipresence.

Consider yourself and your life, as you strive for balance and harmony each day. Nature can be instrumental in helping you attain a higher level of inner solace and peace. For women, that connection may be primal, as we witness the earth blossoming with abundance and delivering newness from creature to creature. It is phenomenal when you think of the bond that exists between women and the natural world. Like nature, women are the givers of life, the ones who act as a conduit between what is and what shall be. Nature, too, facilitates this, from trees and plants that help us breathe, to the water that flows and delivers the very thing that all life needs to exist.

Every move you make, from continent to continent, is an opportunity to observe and connect with nature. Each interaction with flora, fauna, earth, and wind, is an opportunity to embrace the calmness and serenity of simply being living in harmony with nature


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