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We're Totally Obsessed with These Fall-Approved Makeup Looks

Written By: Girl Tyler

Fall makeup is as sweet as pumpkin pie. The fall aesthetic is simple, yet bold. You can pull your face card without having to overdo it with a heavy application. Think soft and subtle this season. Tap into the minimalist within to complement your chic fall wardrobe. Natural glam is a standout this season. Our favorite YouTubers and Instagirls have endless tutorials showcasing their autumn-approved makeup trends. Here are a few we’re loving.

Glossy Lips

Nude, lined lips are all the way in! Reach for a lip liner and gloss combo to compliment your natural lip pigment. So what if your lips are hidden behind a mask? You like to wear a glossy finish just because! Pucker up to this classic 2000s era trend.

Skinny Eyebrows

This one is arguable! Some girls put their heart and soul into perfecting the fullness of their lashes. If you check the latest red-carpet trends, more celebs are opting for a more natural and subtle arch. Skinny eyebrows were a major thing in the ‘90s. We can’t say that anyone will go back to the thinly plucked style from back in the day; however, the thick dramatic look has a little competition.

Rose Gold Lids

Hello pretty in pink-ish! Rose gold compliments your beautiful skin color like no other. This glamorous warm fall tone is perfect for a link up with the girls or a fun day out with the fam.

Under Eyeshadow

Skip the eyeliner and go for a lower lid shadow. There’s an art to it though! Simplicity is key. Put a thin strip of dark shadow under your eye for a smokey effect. The bottom lid shouldn’t overshadow (literally and figuratively) the eyeshadow on your top lid. Don’t overdo it or you will wind up with raccoon eyes!

The Bronze Bombshell

You were made with a natural glow, Sis. Black girls have been winning from the beginning! Bronze shadows and highlighters are having a major moment, and both accentuate your natural glow.

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