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Black DOES Crack: 5 Skin Care Essentials

By Girl Tyler

‘Tis the season to start going out more and wearing less! You’ve been adding more and more hot girl clothes to your online cart but have you stocked up on the appropriate daily beauty items? While some of your winter items still apply during summer, many of your heavier creams can wait until the fall. You’ll want to take inventory of which items you should double up on to survive the summer months.


Photoaging is real and millions are affected by skin cancer each year. Black does crack if you don’t protect it! Stay flexin’ in your complexion this summer with added protection from the sun.


Proper Moisturizers - Heavy products can become your enemy when you sweat, causing oily skin and making your skin prone to acne breakouts. Reach for gels and lightweight moisturizers.


Hydration - Water is key during summer months for obvious reasons. As you sweat, you’ll lose the necessary hydration needed to keep your skin happy. Gulp water more often and in large quantities. (Pro Tip: Fill up your water bottle before bed and then chug it first thing in the morning to get a head start on the day. You’ll get halfway at your goal by noon!)


Sunscreen - Up your SPF, reapply as needed, and reach for brands that are friendly for Black skin (i.e. doesn't have the caked-up white layer). And don’t skip your hands!


Skip chemical peels - Sun exposure and raw skin are a no-no. While chemical peels are designed to improve the appearance of your skin for a brighter, more youthful glow, they will also increase your risk for sunburn. Reach for gentle exfoliators and again, apply sunscreen before heading outdoors.


Vitamin C - Think of this as a superfood for your face. Vitamin C is packed with premium benefits as it protects against sun damage, slows hyperpigmentation, and enhances collagen production.


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