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The Kickback: A Weekly Dive into Izzy & Liv’s Social Shenanigans👑

Hey there, Culture Queens!👑 Our socials have been on fire lately, and we're bursting with excitement to share all the amazing things happening in the Izzy & Liv universe! 🌍💃🏽

From empowering stories to vibrant collections, we're showcasing the vibrant culture, confidence, and soul that makes us who we are.💪🏽


The Good Ole Days! It’s Spensiveeee!😵


Sisterhood at it's finest😹💕


Breaking HERstory!🏆

Joan Clayton never missed! Okay!!🎯
@shopizzyandliv Let's take a moment to appreciate the fabulous fashion of Joan Clayton from "Girlfriends"! Joan not only dominated the legal world but also slayed the fashion game with her signature power suits, Birkin bags, and iconic red bottoms. 💼👜👠 Tracee Ellis Ross brought Joan to life with her impeccable sense of style, showcasing that professionalism and fashion can go hand in hand. Joan's power suits were a symbol of her strength and determination, exuding confidence and sophistication in every episode!👏🏽 The Birkin bag, a staple in Joan's wardrobe, epitomized her success and attention to detail. It was the ultimate work bag, a symbol of luxury and status. Joan proved that a woman can be powerful and fashionable, effortlessly strutting into the office with her Birkin in hand🤭 And who could forget those red bottoms? 👠 Joan's love for Christian Louboutin heels was evident in every episode. She knew how to elevate any outfit with those iconic red soles, leaving a lasting impression wherever she went. Joan Clayton taught us that fashion is not just about looking good, but also about feeling confident and empowered. Her impeccable style was a reflection of her ambitious spirit and unwavering! #joanclayton #traceeellisross #girlfriends #blackgirltiktok #izzyandliv #blackgirlfashion #cultureconfidencesoul #birkinbag #redbottoms #louboutinheels #blackexcellence #blacksitcom #blackgirlfashioninspo ♬ original sound - IZZY & LIV
Celebrating Black Queens! 💫 The Apple TV show 'Supermodels' and Bethann Hardison's documentary 'Invisible Beauty' are powerful reminders of the incredible black women who blazed the trail in the world of fashion! We're showing major love to Beverly Johnson and her fierce catwalk, as she continues to inspire generations. Let's honor these trailblazers and the beauty they've brought to the runway and beyond!
@shopizzyandliv ✨ Celebrating Beverly Johnson: A Trailblazing Supermodel and Cultural Icon ✨ Join us as we pay tribute to the legendary Beverly Johnson, a true pioneer who not only revolutionized the fashion world but also left an everlasting impact on our culture. With her mesmerizing walk and undeniable confidence, Beverly shattered barriers and blazed a trail for generations of models to come. Today, we honor her remarkable contributions and the indelible mark she has made on the industry.🙌🏽 Beverly Johnson made history as the second black woman to grace the cover of American Vogue (after Donyale Luna jn 1966) an iconic moment that shifted the fashion landscape forever. Her captivating walk commanded attention and defied conventional beauty standards. Beverly's courage and determination paved the way for more inclusivity and representation in the industry, inspiring aspiring black models around the globe. 💃🏾🚀 Beyond the runway, Beverly's influence transcends mere modeling. Her groundbreaking achievements challenged societal norms, highlighting the power of representation and the importance of diversity in our culture. By breaking barriers and opening doors, Beverly showcased the beauty and talent that exists in all shades and shapes, reminding us that true beauty knows no boundaries.❤️ Beverly Johnson's impact on the fashion industry and our culture continues to resonate today. She empowered generations of women to believe in themselves, dream big, and defy expectations. Her tremendous achievements serve as a powerful reminder that we all have the ability to change the world with our passion, resilience, and determination. 💪🏾✨ Join us as we celebrate Beverly Johnson's iconic supermodel walk and the extraordinary contributions she has made to our culture.👸🏽🌎❤️ #dontplaywithit #catwalk #izzyandliv #cultureconfidencesoul #blackgirlfashion #blackwomenfashion #fyp #fashiontok #strut #blackgirltiktokers ♬ original sound - IZZY & LIV

☔️💜When it rains, we pour our hearts out and sing like there’s no tomorrow! It rained at Victoria Monet's Houston Concert and this is what happened:


Closing out this month of September 2023 with gratitude and grace!🙌🏽

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