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When Fitness is a Family Affair

Written By: Saeeda Ruffin

Together is an amazing place to be when you’re with the ones you love.That’s especially true when you make a commitment for the betterment of your health and your family. If you truly make a commitment, the time you spend with your family can become more meaningful and every moment has the potential to make a real difference in your lives. There’s something magical about making fitness a family affair.

One of the most important factors in a family becoming fit together is to make sure the activities are fun and easy to tackle. Translation: nobody wants to be stressed out when they’re trying to get their body and health in check. Plus, kids tend to have short attention spans, so activities that are too complex can quickly veer into boring territory. So, remember to keep the vibe light and ENJOY!Here are 4 activities you can do as a crew to help kick your fitness regimen into high gear:

Don't Stop. Get It! Get It! Dance Party

Get your family fitness regimen started right with an activity that’s amazingly simple, super energizing, and, best of all, it won’t cost you a thing. Can you say, Dance Party?! Yes, Family! A one-time kick off or a weekly jam session, it doesn’t matter which you choose as long as you are getting it in. Keep things jumping by letting the youngest members of the family choose the music or get everybody involved by taking turns being the DJ.

Make A Date With The Weights

Plan visits to a local, kid-friendly, gym or consider creating your own family fitness space. Having a dedicated workout space helps the entire family really focus on fitness goals. Whether you decide to make it uber fancy or just to keep it functional by adding in a few pieces of equipment, your family will relish the space. Check local ads for used and kid-friendly equipment and JUMP TO IT!!

Get Hyped About That Bike

Bike riding is a tried-and-true family activity, but did you know that it’s also an extremely great exercise? If bike riding is a new activity for your family, buying new bikes can be a fantastic start and motivator. If you don’t have your own bikes, no problem, many cities and parks offer affordable bike rentals. So, hit the trail together or simply ride around your neighborhood. If it’s been a few minutes since your last bike ride, don’t worry, there’s a reason they say, “It’s like riding a bike.” It’ll come back to you. You may have some “interesting” moments in the beginning, but you’ll be fine Sis, and it’ll be even more memorable. Don’t forget your helmets.

Play Ball...Or Whatever Sport You Want

Everybody knows playing sports encourages teamwork and fitness. Join a local sports team or just learn and play some fun sports together. The key to incorporating sports into your family fitness regimen is to be consistent and supportive of each other. The time you invest in playing together will be time well spent, and you just may end up being fantastically fit! Now that’s a WIN-WIN!

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