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5 Black AF Card Games Bringing a Cultural Reset to Your Next Game Night

Written By: Girl Tyler

In a socially distanced kinda world, now more than ever, small and intimate gatherings among your favorite humans are more special. Throw a little booze in the mix, place a friendly wagerand you've got yourself a litty function. Let’s make game night Black AF again! Support Black businesses and bring these wildly popular cultural games to the table. (Pro tip: These card games make for awesome birthday and Christmas gifts!)

Kulture Karaoke

This music card game is strictly for the culture! Kulture Karaoke was created by Detroit native, Dae Fenwick. Each card is R&B or rap related and players must choose a song that best represents the category. Skip the noisy bars and turn your living room into a live music venue.


Everyone claims to be for the culture, but how well do you really know the culture? IYKYK! This game is all about cracking hashtags and social media acronyms. CultureTags was created by Because of Them We Can® founder, Eunique Jones Gibson. This multi-generation game is fitting for millennials, Gen X, and Gen Z. Even Boomers can get in on the fun! There are 350 cards and a sand timer. Players are given hints from teammates and must guess the CultureTag before time runs out.

"MARTIN": The Trivia Game

Diehard “Martin” fans, this one is for you! Your favorite crew and their insane antics from the iconic ‘90s sitcom are back to test your knowledge. Husband and wife duo Natalie and Philip are the tastemakers behind The Black Pack, a company that distributes Black culture inspired playing cards. This game is endorsed by the man himself, Martin Lawrence! The deck features 4 games in one: 200 classic trivia questions, 100 debate questions, 600+ guessing game prompts, and 200+ quotes and impressions. You can also purchase standard playing cards featuring "Martin" characters

University of Dope

“A disrespectful party game for hip hop lovers.” University of Dope was created by hip-hop enthusiasts A.V. Perkins and Marian Andoh. The game consists of 3-6 players with multiple choice hip hop related questions and a few pop quiz cards thrown in the mix. Majority rules and losers must take a drink. Period. University of Dope is also a live interactive game show where contestants put their rap knowledge to the test as the audience casts their votes. A remix version of #UDOPE titled, The Anatomy of R&B, is coming soon and available for pre-order.

Black Card Revoked

Your Black card may be a birthright, but people lose them every day and when they do, it’s almost impossible to get them back. Black Card Revoked is an oldie but goodie! This game has been around for quite some time and continues to dominate cookouts and game nights around the globe. Choose between the first, second, or third editions. From Black Twitter to Black Church all the way to HBCUs, Black Card Revoked is all about spirited debates surrounding popular Black culture.

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