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Sustainability for the Culture

by Girl Tyler

Sustainability is more than just turning off the lights when you leave a room or grocery shopping using your own bags instead of plastic. It even goes beyond recycling. An environmentally friendly lifestyle requires mindfulness. You must be committed to reducing your carbon footprint. If you think about it, Black people have always had a hand in sustainability. The elders and our ancestors had no other choice than to "go green." They worked the land and passed down their way of life to us. You too can take actionable steps each day to ensure a healthier planet for future generations.

Support Black farmers and buy local, in-season foods. Farming provides countless economic opportunities for Black residents living in rural communities. Unfortunately, the number of Black farmers has decreased in recent years for a variety of reasons, such as low sales and land loss due to discriminatory practices. You can support them by purchasing fresh fruits and vegetables from Black vendors at your local farmer's market. Donate to nonprofits that back Black farmers. Use social media to learn about the current issues plaguing black farmers and amplify their message.

Buy eco-friendly products from Black companies. Black people are born creators. Entrepreneurs of color are becoming leaders in the sustainability revolution. You can find paraben-free body care products, supplements, cleaning products, cosmetics, and even swimwear, all made from recycled materials by Black-owned businesses. We’re all in this together. Join their cause. Follow Black environmentalists on social media. Sustainability is a massive topic, one that can be quite daunting. Read up on the latest trends. Black educators and influencers are committed to teaching marginalized communities about the ins and outs of environmental justice.

Here are a few individuals committed to the cause.

Corina Newsome, M.Sc.: @hood__naturalist

Addie Danielle: @oldworldnew

Leah Thomas: @greengirlleah

Haile Thomas: @hailethomas

Dr. Ayana Elizabeth Johnson: @ayanaeliza

Ashley Renne Nsonwu: @heyashleyrenne

Chelsea Murphy: @she_colorsnature

Joycelyn Longdon: @climateincolour


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