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6 Little Ways You Can Add More Reading Time Into Your Busy Life

For bookworms out there, you know it is hard to find time to read when you’re an adult. With work, taking care of the family (pets included!), and the urge to always be on social media can make it hard for us to find time to sit down and read a book. There are so many distractions! While technology has eased the burden of reading with the invention of The Kindle, the problem still lies in finding the time to read. So how can we make room in our busy schedules to re-read our favorite novel or better yet, finally, read that newly released New York Times Bestseller you’ve been dying to read for months? Well here are some tips for you to try out!

1.) Join a book club (in person or online)- Joining a book club can help keep you accountable if getting back into reading is something you want to do. Reading with your peers can be a lot of fun and it’s a nice way to meet friends! If you have been in a reading slump, which is hard to get out of, joining a book club can help you find your reading groove. Can’t join a book club at your local library? Try Goodreads where you can find a variety of groups that hold monthly book readings. Best of all you don’t have to leave your home. Sit on your couch, read your “book of the month”, and talk about it with other online bookworms.

2.) Read in the morning and/or night- Sometimes I just don’t have the time to read during the day so I try to schedule an hour of reading before I go to bed. For others, reading a book first thing in the morning works because it helps sharpen their minds before they head to work. So if you find that you have no time during the day to read, try squeezing in a few minutes during those down times at the start and end of your day. 

3.) Schedule Your Reading Days- Choosing days that are perfect for reading is another useful tip. Don’t force yourself to read on days you know you won’t feel like reading, like a Monday or Wednesday. For some readers, Friday is ideal because it’s the end of a hectic work week. For others, Saturday works best. Everyone is different! Based on your schedule, pick a reading day that works for you.

4.) Take Advantage of your commute- Whether you are driving or taking the bus, you can still find the time to read while you’re on the road by using your commute time. Of course, you shouldn’t be reading your physical copy of The Autobiography of Malcolm X while driving. Though you can do that on the bus or on a train. Especially, if you own a digital copy on your mobile device or own a Kindle. Opt for using audiobooks in the car instead! They are a great alternative if you can not find the time to read. It’s all about enriching your mind with great stories after all.

5.) Goal Setting- Setting a reading goal for yourself is another great way to fit in reading time in your schedule. How many books would you like to complete in a month? 6 months? At times, all it takes is setting a goal and challenging ourselves to form a new habit. To get started, set one small reading goal you will like to achieve and keep that in mind as you go about your work week. Track your progress by using Goodreads or bullet journaling.

6.) Swapping Reading the News for a book- These days everything is online. Previously mentioned we can now read many books digitally. This goes for our newspapers and magazines. It is easy to get caught up reading Los Angeles Times or silly list articles daily. Instead of spending 30 minutes (or more!) reading articles on your Facebook timeline, read a book instead. It may be a tough habit to break but it’s worth it. Plus, it makes better use of your time rather than finding yourself mindlessly wandering through the internet for hours.

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