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We Have Food At Home

by Tiffany Stewart
A good dinner party requires three things: good food, good company, and good drinks. As we get closer to the holiday season, private dinners are projected to be the go-to celebratory method and we’re here for it!

Good Food
Let’s start with the greatest benefit of a private party: The Chef. By handing over the primary responsibility to a chef, you eliminate some of the stress on you. You can even craft a personalized menu for you and your guests. If the chef comes with suggestions, even better! That personal touch will make the event even more memorable.

Good Company
While the chef is handling the heavy lifting, you can entertain your guests. How many times have you and your friends gone out and had the waiter hound you for the table, or give you the side-eye for being a little too loud? A private party allows you to take your sweet time and laugh louder than Samuel L. Jackson--with no interruptions.

Good Drinks
Having a private party is perfect for a birthday celebration or just because it’s Wednesday. Instead of a typical dinner reservation, bring in your special day with a wine-down theme. Ask each guest to bring their favorite bottle of wine. That way, you’ll have a plethora of reds, whites, and Rosés to last the entire night. Bonus points if their favorite bottle comes with a personal story! This can be the start of a new tradition with your friends.

The next time you want to get the gang together for a good meal, consider bringing the party to you. This is a modern spin on a Black mother’s “we have food at home,” because now, we have a say in what’s on the table.

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