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31 Days of Selfless Cheer

by Girl Tyler

When you do good, you feel good! There’s something about random acts of kindness that warms the soul. Even though the season is about giving, not receiving, the holidays can reveal unintentional selfish tendencies. Don’t fall for the holiday hype. Spread joy this holiday season by spending the next 31 days doing good for the people closest to you, as well as strangers. Each day is an opportunity to give the people around you all the feels!

  1. Visit or call an elderly relative.
  2. Buy tickets to a local holiday production.
  3. Volunteer at a homeless shelter. 
  4. Run an errand for someone in need. 
  5. Support a local small business. 
  6. Pay off balances off at a local library.
  7. Donate items to a food bank.
  8. Post sticky notes with a positive message in random places.
  9. Send holiday cards to your neighbors.
  10. Pay for a stranger’s lunch or coffee today.
  11. Donate children’s clothing to a foster home.
  12. Leave a treat for your mail carrier.
  13. Play secret Santa and leave a gift for a coworker.
  14. Donate coloring books and crayons to a children’s hospital.
  15. Offer to babysit for a couple that could use some alone time.
  16. Allow someone to check out in front of you.
  17. Send a colleague a kind email expressing gratitude.
  18. Buy a gift card for a single parent.
  19. Donate snacks to a teacher’s holiday party.
  20. Go on a friend date and take care of the bill.
  21. Leave a bigger than usual tip for your server.
  22. Bake a treat for your neighbors.
  23. Leave a nice comment on a social media post.
  24. Donate gloves and blankets to a homeless shelter.
  25. Donate items to a food bank.
  26. Say something kind to 4 strangers.
  27. Invite someone who lives alone over for a movie night.
  28. Volunteer at a nursing home.
  29. Donate to a toy drive.
  30. Send a polite DM to 3 of your followers.
  31. Hug someone today.



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