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3 Mental Health Resources For Black Women

Mental Health Resources for Black Women

May is Mental Health Awareness Month and as black women, this isn’t necessarily a topic we’ve we’ve approached with open arms. It has been our narrative–in this country at least–that we wear the armor of the strong black woman. Raising up babies, supporting our partners, leading at work, taking care of our extended families. Rarely are we freely given the space to express ourselves and when we do, we’re either overheard or get the title of the “angry black woman”. So many of us, find ourselves struggling underneath our burdens with the notion that they are ours alone to carry and slow to ask for help. This month, we’re hoping to change that narrative. To let you know that it’s okay to not feel okay, that mental health matters, and that your life as a black woman matters. Here are a few resources to help you start your journey to take control of your mental health, this month and beyond.

1. Therapy for Black Girls – This platform is digital space dedicated to the mental wellness of black women. It is founded by licensed psychologist, Dr. Joy, and includes articles on various mental health topics affecting black women, a weekly podcast that dives deep into the mental health issues that our community encounters, and a therapist directory to help guide women on their path to therapy. There is even a private Facebook group for women of the Therapy for Black Girls community to connect and thrive together as they journey toward mental wellness. Stop by this space and if you’re thinking about starting therapy be sure to grab their guide on getting started while your there.

2. Black Girl in Om – This is digital space dedicated to holistic wellness for black women which includes mind, body, soul, and space. Of course, mental health is a huge presence in this space with thoughtful articles written by BGIO staff and contributors on a range of topics related to black women and mental wellness. Black Girl in Om also hosts a podcast digging deeper into these topics with guests from across the wellness space. And if you prefer a more in person connection, you can find the founder hosting self-care events and other workshops across the country.

3. Redefine Enough – This is a blog, podcast, and community that seeks to empower black women to redefine what it means to be enough. Founded by licensed therapist Davia Roberts, this space really helps guide women to wholeness. Both the blog and the podcast, Affirm, tackle topics like rebounding mental health, finding the right therapist, getting real about depression, and more. There is also a flourishing community behind Redefine Enough that connects through Twitter chats and in person events.

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