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Throwin That Thang Back With Retro Nights

Written By: Saeeda Ruffin

It may not happen as often as you would like, but, when you and your girls get together... Sista, you know it’s going to be 100% off the chain! Of course, you wouldn’t want it any other way. Well, the next time you’re planning your “Sista Night” with your squad, throw that thing back and make it a retro- event!

You know your squad is all about a good time. So, they will absolutely love having a get-together that transports them to a different place in time. Y’all get ready for some real fun! Here are a few ideas to help you put on a funky retro - squad night that your girls won’t soon forget.

Recreate Those Roaring 20's

Glam it up, Baby! Yasss! Your girls will pull out all the stops for a 20s themed glam night. Finger waves, flapper dresses and hats, plenty of bling, and Gatsby-era props, and your 20s night will have all the fixins’ for a fabulous time. You may want to have a Flapper Fashion Show for you and your Sista-friends to walk the runway. Y’all are sure to bring it that night! So, be sure to take tons of pics to remember this one!

Serve Up The 70's

Disco was all the rage in the 70s, and that’s the perfect theme for a 70s inspired girls' night. For this, you can get the clothing, wigs and accessories and surprise them with everything they need to pull off a really funky look or have everyone bring her own. Weekend thrift store specials can make this a super cheap option. The other option to create a real-life boogie wonderland is to have everyone come dressed in her own 70s gear. Either way, expect plenty of laughs and wild looks. But, don’t forget the other elements of the disco era. Be sure to have that disco ball, a “get down on it” 70s playlist, and enough space to get your dance on.

Totally Take Them Back to The 80's

Now, y’all know the 80s had some really “questionable” fashions. But, truth is, we loved them, and they were fun! So, bring back all that nostalgia with an 80s inspired girls' night. If you want to do something super fun and cheesy, have a “Let’s Get Physical” workout session, complete with headbands and leotards. Test everyone’s 80s knowledge by setting up a trivia contest. Add in everything from valley girl lingo to 80s rap lyrics and movies. Make the prizes items that will transport everyone back in time such as leg warmers, Rubik’s Cubes, and hair bows!

No matter which era you decide to rep during your retro girls’ night out, you and your favorite squad will have the time of your lives. Don’t forget that details matter, so, make the food and decor era-appropriate. This is one of those times when doing the most will make the event that much better! Your memories from retro night are going to be monumental. Party on!

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