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Let's Argue: Black Soul Food Edition

Written By: Girl Tyler

The holidays, filled with hearty food and merriment, are a great time to come together with family and friends. It’s all fun and games until the time comes to prepare the feast. Who makes the best potato salad, grandma, or your favorite aunt? Which pie reigns supreme, sweet potato or apple? Canned or homemade cranberry sauce? Be careful. One wrong answer and a fight may just break out!

Some families prefer to go the traditional route, while others opt for a modern twist on holiday standards. Play this fun game with your closest folks to see who has the most controversial opinion. Majority rules on this one. Each question is worth one point. Loser washes all the dishes!

  1. To Chitlin or Not to Chitlin? That is the question.
  2. You only get to choose one dessert. Which one you got? (Peach Cobbler or Sweet Potato Pie?)
  3. Cornbread or biscuits?
  4. How should potato salad be prepared: with or without onions?
  5. Fill in the blank: Collard greens taste better with ___________. (ham hocks or neck bones?)
  6. Fried okra or stewed okra and tomatoes?
  7. One dessert has gotta go: Red velvet cake, pecan pie, banana pudding, or pound cake.
  8. Sweet potatoes or candied yams?
  9. Ribs or pig feet?
  10. One of these greens gotta go: Green beans, turnip greens, mustard greens or collard greens?
  11. Fill in the blank: ___________ turkey is the best turkey. (Fried or Baked?)
  12. Is it called stuffing or dressing?
  13. Bonus round: Who makes the best mac and cheese in the family? (Worth 5 pts.!)

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