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Spring Beauty Inspired by Rihanna

Spring has sprung! While the weather might still have us bundling up, the spring beauty trends have
definitely made an appearance. We’re saying goodbye to the dark colors of fall and winter. Bright colors
and pastels are the hottest trend this season, but how do you decide which direction to go in? From
glowing skin to bright lips, check out these spring beauty trends inspired by none other than Rihanna and
her popular brand, Fenty Beauty.

Spring Beauty
photo via Hypebae

If there’s one look we’ll definitely enjoy this spring, it’s an effortless glow. Rihanna is known for
“shining bright like a diamond,” so why shouldn’t we? With the launch of Fenty Beauty, Rihanna’s
KLLAWATT highlighters come in six shades meant to make anyone’s skin glow. And if that wasn’t
enough, Fenty Beauty just launched their Body Lava. Available in the shades “Brown Sugar” and “Who
Needs Clothes?!” these body luminizers will have you competing with the sun on who shines the


Spring Beauty
photo via Youtube (ItsTotallyTara)

While you might still enjoy your smoky eyes during the night, spring days are all about bright eyeshadow.
Although Rihanna often keeps her eyes neutral, she knows how to keep the trends alive. Her Galaxy
Eyeshadow Palette is perfect for creating a beautiful spring look. With pinks, greens, blues, and lilacs,
your spring eyes are just a blending brush away.


Spring beauty
photo via Rihanna-Fenty

The one thing that any beauty look cannot be completed without is lipstick and thanks to Rihanna, we’re
good for the spring! The trends of the season feature bright, bold colors and Fenty Beauty’s Mattemoiselle
lipsticks are setting the bar high. With 14 different shades, your spring look could feature an “exotic
tangerine,” “electric pink,” or wild, wild, “wild lilac.”

Spring is here and with it comes the beauty trends that everyone will be dying to wear. Why wait until
you see a picture pop up on your Instagram? Take a few notes from the trendsetter herself, Rihanna, and
you’ll be the one setting the trends among your friends!

In the comments, let us know which look you’ll be going for this spring!

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