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3 Magazines for Black Women You Should Be Reading

Remember the days when there were only a handful of magazines for us? We had to shift through the endless aisles to find those few covers that had topics and women on them that we could relate to. Representation has always mattered, even when it was hard to find. That’s one of the things we wanted to provide with our Brown Sugar Box. Each monthly subscription box includes a mini magazine that adds to this space. Full of stories for and by black women. And in the indie publishing world, there are just as many magazines that are popping up and doing the same important work: giving women of color options and representations we can believe in. As the weather heats up and you find yourself slowing down and indulging in the downtime, add these magazines to your rotation. You won’t be disappointed.

CRWN Magazine

Magazines for Black Women
This magazine is like a love letter to natural hair and the women who rock their crown, kinks, coils, curls and all. A breath of fresh air, CRWN seeks to reach black women on a deeper level including a fresh perspective on natural hair and black beauty, along with stunning visuals of women we adore. This bi-annual publication is available in both print and digital. Grab sssues No. 1 – The Manifesto and No. 2 – The Love Issue to support a indie magazine that here for black women.

Radiant Magazine

Magazines for Black Women
Health and wellness is a topic in our community that has long been overlooked and undervalued. Typically limited to brief conversations and corners of publications, this is changing the dynamic. Radiant Magazine is a bi-annual health and wellness publication supporting women of the diaspora on their wellness journeys. The pages dig deep into health, beauty, and even culture with informative, inspirational, and empowering stories. Grab the latest issue with covergirl Yvonne Orji at Barnes & Nobles or at Radiant Health Mag.

HANNAH Magazine

Magazines for Black Women
There are few magazines that have a vibe like HANNAH. The visuals alone will have you stopping in your tracks to take in all the beauty amongst its pages. HANNAH magazine is an unapologetic celebration of black women from cover to cover. This bi-annual publication extends beyond its print and digital presences with an online presence and community that is just a vibrant. Grab the most recent issue featuring activist and voice behind #MeToo Tarana Burke.

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