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Halloween Costume Ideas

Written By: Girl Tyler

Trick or treat! Halloween will be here before you know it.No need to fret about what costume to choose. Look around. You have plenty of spooky inspiration. 2021 is literally one big meme! Every time you turn on the news or look to social media something bizarre has happened...again. Take the good and not so good and laugh out loud this Halloween. Here are a few costume ideas on every end of the spectrum to give you a head start on October 31st.

Simon Biles

Find a glittery (or solid) leotard and wear a red tracksuit on top. Pull your hair up in a bun with a ribbon. Find a picture of a goat and put it on your back. Then boom you are the Greatest of All Time, Olympic gold medalist Simone Biles!

Vice President Kamala Harris

Get the historic vice-presidential look: a solid pant suit, Converse sneakers, pearl earrings with a matching necklace — then put a few curls in your hair.

Bernie Sanders at the presidential inauguration

Put on a blue mask, brown jacket and black pants. Here’s the key to this look: you must have brown and white knit mittens! The mittens seal the deal. Boom! You’re a Bernie Sanders inauguration meme in the flesh! You’ll totally win Halloween if you carry around a folding chair.


Brandy aka Moesha Mitchell from the iconic ‘90s sitcom is a Black girl style icon. Are you currently rocking box braids? If so, you’re halfway there. Throw on a pair of platforms, printed pants, and a baby doll tee. Watch a few old episodes to recreate the perfect ‘90s look. You probably have a few of the items!

Grab your bestie and tap into Euphoria as Jules & Rue.

Gorilla Glue Girl

This one had social media on lock for several days! Do a side part in your hair then slick it down with gel (not glue!) and pull it back into a braided pony. Set off the look with bold lashes and place a jewel on top of your lip. Don’t forget the most important accessory: Gorilla Glue (please do not put this in your hair...I repeat...DO NOT PUT GORILLA GLUE IN YOUR HAIR.) Meme of the year.

Recreate spicy looks with your sister from Chloe x Halle's Instagram.

Instagram Filter

Go to your IG stories and choose your favorite filter. Hold your phone up to a white wall and snap a photo. Save it to your phone then send the photo to a print shop or office supplies store. Ask them to print it onto a thick board. Cut a circle out in the middle and show your face! You’re a live IG story.

Smarty Pants

How many times have you heard, “You’re too smart for your own good?”. Make it happen. Find your favorite jeans and tape Smarties Candy all over. Voila! You’re officially a smarty pants.

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