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A Celebration of Survivors

These beauties slayed cancer. It's the STRENGTH for us!

In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, we are taking some time to share the stories of our Fearless Beauties. As black women, our power, strength, and resilience have no limits here at Izzy & Liv, we love to celebrating you!





How did you prevail through the diagnosis? 

With God, family and a tight circle of friends! - Dr. Deresa M.

I turned it over to God to fight my battle and I just walked the path that he laid out before me!!! - Tunisa J.

I prevailed through my diagnosis with family and friends by my side. - Nekia C.

I had no other choice but to trust God! - Shadette B.

I am a 6 year survivor! I prevailed through my diagnosis with my faith and God’s strength. Also with my family as my support system, I was determined to fight and win! - Ahki L.

I listened to my Doctors and had faith that I would be healed. - LaTasha H.

Lots of prayer & assistance from family and friends. - Charyce H.

My faith and family got me through it all. - Iva G.

How do you view life now since overcoming that chapter?

I am very humbled and blessed to have more days. Every day is such a gift- Dr. Deresa M.

I see life as something to enjoy no matter the circumstances! - Tunisa J.

Since overcoming breast cancer, I’ve learned to never take anything for granted.  - Nekia C.

Full of opportunity. I learned that my experience with breast cancer is one of the most frightening experiences of my life. God brought me through that. I am capitalizing on my right to live an abundant life full of joy! - Shadette B.

I truly LIVE my life! I don’t stress about anything and celebrate all things. Every birthday is a gift and I truly make memories on purpose! - Ahki L.

This year marks 10 years since my diagnosis. I am grateful to still be in the land of the living. Everyday is a gift, and I live every day to the fullest. - LaTasha H.

Appreciate each day that I wake up healthy and in my right mind. - Charyce H.

Nothing is guaranteed…live everyday to the fullest. Hold those you love close and only do what fulfills you and makes you happy!! - Iva G.

Share tips with a woman who is currently battling with a trying time in her life.

I would tell anyone no matter what you are going through, allow your body, mind, and spirit to rest. You Got this, Mama! - Dr. Deresa M.

Know and understand that you can be tired of going through it. Cancer is a fight that is fought mentally, physically, and emotionally. Keep your mental on the path that you will overcome. - Tunisa J.

I wouldt ell anyone when going through a tough time, always stay positive and keep pushing through. - Nekia C.

Everything is not for everyone! Control the vibe! The people you let in & confide in should be people that can and will hope and pray with you, believe with you, fight with you and celebrate with you. In your time of need, while you're fighting life's greatest battles, you cannot afford to allow negativity in. "Positive Vibes Only" - Shadette B.

Don’t give up. Listen to your doctors and take all prescribed meds. Take your time with your healing and enjoy the rest that God has given you by making you slow down. - Ahki L.

Never give up! Lean on your village when you can. Try to keep a positive attitude and remember that you’re not alone—You have a whole lot of Brown Sugar Sisters that are rooting for you! - LaTasha H.

Get a good support team because you will need it. Also eat apples regularly to help with nausea. - Charyce H.

Lean on those who love you and don’t give in to fear. Believe in your future. - Iva G.

Beauties we are proud of you! 

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