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Female Artists To Watch in 2018

Hey ladies! Who needs a playlist update? Good thing 2018 is sure to be an amazing time for new music. Last year we saw history being made with Cardi B’s “Bodak Yellow” making the top of the charts. Not since Lauryn Hill’s hit song “Doo Wop (That Thing)” have we seen a female rapper of color be number one on the Billboard Hot 100 charts for more than a couple weeks straight. Whether you are into her music or not, it’s still great to see younger artists like her obtain great success.

Let’s get excited to see what is in store for us music wise. From what I see, there are many female artists daring to reinvent the R&B genre in unconventional ways, like including sounds of underground electronic subgenres, poetry/spoken word, as well as diving into themes surrounding black feminity.  Check out these ladies who adding some more black girl magic in the music world this year:

  1. Nicotine-

2018 is set to be a big year for Texas native, R&B/soul artist Nicotine. A former member of the trio Nicotine Famous Honey she is becoming a solo artist. It is unclear exactly when we can expect a new album but at least we can listen to some of her previous tracks she created with her band. Be sure to check out the poetic “The Open Letter”.

2.) Spelling-

If you are interested in exploring a wide range of genres or just into more alternative sounds, look no further than the ethereal sounds of Spelling. The Oakland, CA native spellbound listeners with her genre-bending 2017 LP Pantheon of Me. Darkwave, ambient sounds mixed with R&B/soul, Spelling is an artist you need on your playlist.

3.) St. Beauty-

Straight out of Atlanta is the soul and indie musical duo St.Beauty. Fans of Issa Rae’s HBO hit “ Insecure” may have already heard of this group’s tracks like “Caught”. If not, then keep a look-out for this group next year. For now, you can take a listen to their new ep titled Running to the Sun. I love this group’s toned down psychedelic vibe while still keeping it cool with some poppin’ visuals.

4.) Jamila Woods

If you like Chance the Rapper, chances (no pun intended) are you may have already heard of his collaborator, Chicago native Jamila Woods. A lover of poetry and 80’s post-punk, Woods is an artist who makes vivacious music enriched with themes such as politics, black womanhood, and identity. While her music may make you want to bounce around, her lyrics are filled with emotional depth that will make you think, feel and come alive.

What female artists on the rise are you looking forward to this year? 

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