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How to Find Your Tribe

Find Your Tribe

When we think about our favorite TV shows, we could probably all name a group of friends that we wish to emulate. Whether we’re in “Living Single” with Khadijah and company or relaxing with our “Girlfriends” in Joan’s apartment, we’re all looking for or trying to solidify our tribe. There’s nothing more beautiful than a strong group of women who are able to empower and support each other. While it’s a beautiful thing, not all of us have it! If you’re looking for tips on how to find your tribe, keep reading!

Join a Class

Outside of work, it often seems like we never have time for anything extra other than eating, sleeping, and maybe going to the gym (on a good day). When we never have the opportunity to go anywhere, this definitely diminishes the number of people we’re able to meet. We have to make time! Find a hobby and join a class. Regardless of whether it’s a book club or art class, find a group of people who share something in common with you! Walking into these classes, you can already ensure that you’ll have an icebreaker topic to explore. These conversations could lead to temporary friends, or if you’re lucky, a lifelong tribe member!

Hit the Gym

While most people would tell you to hit the gym for health reasons, there’s another benefit. You can meet people! Everyone is usually there for the same reason – to get fit. Once you become a regular member, you’ll find yourself running into the same people every day. When you feel comfortable, just spark up a conversation with someone! Whether you need someone to spot you or would rather have a gym partner, the gym is a great place to meet motivated people who are open to motivating you!

Reconnect with Old Friends

Do you have a friendship(s) that seemed to have just slowly fizzled away? One way to finding your tribe is looking back at old tribe members! Not all friendships end because of a difficult situation. Sometimes you just grow apart! If you’re missing any of your friends, reach out to them! Set up a coffee date or a movie date and catch up. Chances are they miss you too! With a little effort and a bit more communication, you could rekindle and old friendship and form a strong and lasting relationship.

Go Out with Your Co-Workers

When you think about the 40-hour work week, we spend just under a ¼ of our week at work. Outside of sleep and maybe our relationships, there’s no one we spend more time with than our co-workers. This makes the workplace a great location to look for your tribe. Not only do you and your co-workers share the same space, but you’re also dealing with the same stressors. Rather than running to the parking lot or train station at the end of the day, hit a local happy hour! Discussing your day over a nice glass of Pinot might be just what you need to solidify your sisterhood.

A lot of shows give us the impression that your sisterhood should be flooded with strong, powerful women. What we fail to realize is that it’s always quality over quantity. It’s great to have four or five close friends that you share everything with, but it’s just as great to have that one confidante you know you can always count on. Regardless of how many women are in your tribe, you’ll find them in the places where you feel most comfortable and where you can be yourself!

If you have a strong tribe, let us know where you met them!

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