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5 Ways to Detox From Social Media

Let’s face it guys, even though we’ve spent much of our lives hanging in the balance of pre-internet world, the world as it is now, is ruled by the web. We are that lost generation that remembers life just before things went all crazy and the computers hijacked our society. AIM was a preview of what would be our future; ruled by the status update, tweet, Snap or Instagram. In some ways we have conquered this new way of life. We’ve got the edge of knowing what the world was like before the internet when we spent most of our time hypnotizing ourselves with Yo-Yo’s and pretending our Barbies were giving mouth-to-mouth. Life was MUCH less complicated then, but, somewhere along the way, we have lost our individual uniqueness. We’ve lost what it means to set ourselves a part from the plethora of trends and fads. In our old age, we have become listless in our daily lives and have drifted into internet obscurity. Well, not anymore. Here is a list of challenges that I believe will detox our bodies and minds from internet overload.

1. One Week, Zero Facebook and Twitter

This includes posting things from other websites and linking them to your page. I know your mouse will linger over the “share button” above a thought-provoking yet passive-aggressive article about how to navigate roommates while in your late twenties/early thirties, but please resist the urge to click. This challenge is meant to detox your mind from all the clutter of social sharing and bring you back into that mysteriously laid-back attitude that we were once known for.

2. Stop! Put your Phone Down and Step Away From the Instagram-Worthy Photo-op

We don’t live life with a camera perpetually in our faces (unless you’re a Kardashian), so why do we constantly feel the need to take pictures and video of almost every part of our lives? Of course, some things are photo-worthy, like if you find Morris Chesnut’s face on a piece of toast, grab your iPhone immediately and TAKE THE CRAP OUT OF THAT PHOTO! Please. Otherwise, cut back on your social media photo sharing.

3. Reality T.V. We Love You, but Not Today

Just don’t do it. I know the latest reality T.V. show about the latest housewives who live in the latest up and coming city is debuting this week, but resist the urge to tune in. Your brain will thank you. This hasn’t been scientifically proven yet, but I’m pretty sure that we kill one million brain cells each time we watch a rich person take a selfie. Time for a break! Take a stand for your sanity comrades. One month and then you can go back to watching love, housewives, and kids of hip hop.

4. Remember Clouds? Well, They Don’t Remember You Either

You know those giant floating cotton balls in the sky? They used to be so fun to look at when we were kids. We would stare at them for hours imagining they were different objects. Now, the only time we look at the sky is when we hold up our phones trying to catch a wifi signal. I’m sure clouds resent us now. We’ve ruined our relationship with nature, but there’s still a chance to get back on its good side. I’m challenging you to take 5 minutes every day to walk outside, look up and admire the sky. It’s that simple. You’ll get your much needed daily dose of vitamin D, plus, you’ll feel refreshed after those excruciating Facebook withdrawals.

5. Speaking of Nature…

Yes, there has been an influx of massive natural disasters happening all around the world that have made us cling to our technological devices more than ever. Well, believe it or not, your iPad can’t save you from a hurricane. Nor can it give you a hug or blow wind in your hair. These things only nature can do; except hugs, unless you’re one of those tree-loving people, in which case nature CAN hug you. See? On your free time, each week for a month, pick a day where you just have a binge on the outdoors. Go hiking or ride a bike on a trail. Take a surfing lesson. Do anything that involves exposure to the sun. Just a reminder: on these little nature binges, you will start to crave a photo-op. “Just say no.” – Dare.

Now, you should be super excited to get your cool back and try something different for a change! And if you’re feeling a little anxious about doing this challenge, don’t worry, Facebook and all those other networks will be there when you get back. You can also look at it this way, when you’re done with the challenge, you’ll have so many more interesting things to share. Think of all the clever tweets you’ll have stored up in your brain! Oh, the status update possibilities.

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