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5 Bold Hair Colors To Rock This Winter Season

What I love about our hair is how versatile it can be. We can curl it, straighten it, do Bantu knots, and so much more; including dyeing your hair! There has always been a misconception that black women can’t dye their hair. That is simply not true! Especially within these last couple of years, black women have been showing off their hair in more bolder colors. What better way to start off the new year than with a new look!  Have you been contemplating on dyeing your hair this winter season? Here are some of the latest trendy colors to make you feel inspired to go bold in 2017!

1.) Terra Cotta Red

This is not your average fiery red hair color but it’s fitting for this winter season if you are feeling up to a more auburn color. You can go light on the red and add blue or purple undertones to make things more interesting.


2.) Chocolate/Chestnut Ombre

This ombre look was the talk of the Golden Globes this year when actress Priyanka Chopra showed off this hairstyle on the red carpet. Begin with warm dark brown at the roots and get lighter at the tip. This ombre doesn’t exactly scream bold but it is a good choice if you are willing to try something different for your dark locks for the first time.


3.) Rose Gold

2016 was the year of the rose gold hair trend and it’s making its rounds through winter this year. I think this color looks beautiful on curly hair. It’s certainly a color that will make your curls POP!

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4.) Denim

Winter blues indeed! Start off 2017 with a splash of color like this and I’m sure you will make people envious. I’ve been spotting this color a lot on Instagram and I think it looks radiant on black women. Even I will try this color! If you are itching to go bolder than ever, this hair color is one that will do the trick for sure. Go for it!

I'm calling her Denim👖⚓❄ #queenofhairshadowing #navycurls #maybellinetoocool #denimcurls #colorfulnaturalhair

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5.) Smokey Hues

Last year was a year of pastel colors. If you are interested in trying a more subdued look but still want to make a statement, then try going gray with some purple or blue undertones. You can try all three to create an ombre effect. I love these shades because it has an element of grace. If you have long, wavy locks then this look will be very fitting.


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