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We're Obsessed with the Beauty Gems from these Skincare Gurus

We're Obsessed with the Beauty Gems from these Skincare Gurus

Written By: Girl Tyler

Health is wealth and we gotta keep our skin poppin' and looking youthful at all times. Without proper skincare knowledge, you’re more likely to experience scarring, hyperpigmentation, or even early signs of aging. Nowadays, countless women are becoming more comfortable in sharing their beauty secrets and most sacred products. Knowledge is power and before you try a new routine on your skin, it’s best to consult the pros. If you’re not seeing a regular dermatologist and you’re more of a DIY kind of gal, we’re constantly keeping our ear to the streets and pinpointing the best experts to give you the best glow for your skin type.

Here are a few skincare pros who specialize in Black and Brown skin. Take your face card to the next level! Check out their content and lock down a new skincare regimen for the winter. Glow Baby Glow!

Nayamka Roberts-Smith

Instagram | Twitter: @labeautyologist

YouTube: LaBeautyologist –The Golden Rx


Dr. Alexis Stephens

Instagram: @dralexisstephens

YouTube: Dr. Alexis Stephens


Hadiyah Daché

Instagram | Twitter: @fairyglowmother

YouTube: Fairy Glow Mother


Sean Garrette

Twitter | Instagram: @seangarrette


Dr. Vanita Rattan

Instagram: @skincarebydrv

YouTube: Dr. Vanita Rattan The Hyperpigmentation Clinic


Lily Njoroge

Twitter | Instagram: @caveofbeauty


Ashley White

Twitter | Instagram: @skinclasshero


Esther Olu

Instagram: @themelaninchemist

Twitter: @estherolu


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