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4 Style Upgrades for Winter Wear

Written By: Saeeda Ruffin

Fancy That!

Bring. It. On.It’s about that time to make your winter holiday event debut, and when you do it, Girl, you are gonna do that thing up! There is something kind of breathtaking about those gorgeous wintery events. Is it the snow or the lights from all of the holiday decor? Whatever it is, it can make you want to really put on the glitz and glam. A queen should always be ready to shine, anyway. So, yes, Sis...Get into it!

A lot of winter gear is not really “diva-licious” and requires a bit of styling effort to get it looking fairly decent. Everybody knows the normal cold-weather outfits that seem to be a mainstay everywhere you look. From the baggy, monochromatic sweaters and tops to those saggy, sometimes lifeless looking sweatpants, people like to bring their most dull looks just because there is a little chilliness in the air. Uh, not today, Sis. Let’s commit to bypassing the blahs and let’s go all in with giving our winter ‘fits some season-worthy sophistication.

Here are style upgrades for your winter wear that will give you all of the fancy vibes:


Instantly take your ensemble up a few notches when you add in coordinating statement pieces to it. You could have on the plainest sweater ever, but it can go from basic to banging when you pair it with the Izzy and Liv infinity scarf and clutch set. Yes, Queen, that’s a winning combination and others are sure to notice, also.


So, everybody will be rocking all kinds of Christmas-y and holiday inspired sweatshirts. You, of course, will have your Izzy and Liv Drippin’ sweatshirt to sport. Ok, so, people get a little dubious about whether or not a sweatshirt can be fancied up. Well, YES, they can! Put that sweatshirt on with a little pencil skirt. Tuck in the front of the shirt into the skirt or create a cropped look by rolling and tucking the hoodie up, and wear with your favorite tights and booties. Add some funky accessories and you have now created a real statement look. Trust and believe that you can take that shirt from simple to simply fabulous!


No matter your size or shape, there is a belt out there that will take your outfit to the next level, for real! When you have just “the right” belt, you can really give your outfit a more finished and classy look. To create the most elegant look, opt for a belt that has a bit of shine to it. It doesn’t have to be sequins or anything too flashy, unless you want that look...cause that’s YOUR business, like our Sista Tabitha Brown likes to say. Regardless of what style of belt you choose to compliment your ensemble, be confident while you rock it!


Sis, sometimes, the only thing that you need to take your outfit up some notches is some fab footwear. Your shoes say a lot about the overall “feel” of your outfit. But, your shoes don’t always have to be fussy. You could very easily glam it up by adding some really pretty Doc Martens or designer sneakers to your evening wear. Fancy is as fancy does, and you are the queen of your own style destiny. The most important thing to remember is that when you show up to an event, it’s alright if your outfit does some showing out. This winter, give them something to talk about!

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