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4 Ways to Make This Winter Wonderful

4 Ways to Make This Winter Wonderful

Written by: Saeeda Ruffin

Seize The Season

It’s beginning to look a lot like...winter! As colder weather makes its way into our daily lives, some will start to layer up with reckless abandon. They will cover everything up! But, what are they covering up with? Just because it’s winter doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t continue to be your normal sensational self. Nope. If anything, winter is a time when you can really show off, so try not to hold back.

Everyone knows that it’s tempting to just throw on a big, shapeless sweater or even just to hide out when it’s cold outside. Well, Sis, not this winter. Let’s do things differently this time around. Instead of letting the winter weather slow you down, seize the season! Here are 4 ways to make this winter wonderful:

Sprinkle Black Girl Magic Like Snowflakes

It’s cold and it gets dark early. This change causes some people to suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder during the winter months. They get sad, lonely, and depressed. Sis, that’s why you want to keep positivity on deck. Bring warm smiles, an awesome attitude, and of course, some holiday cheer with you everywhere you go. Your mood could help uplift others, and make the entire environment feel more happy and bright. Hit them with that Black Girl Magic and let your inner glow shine.

Stay Warm And Stay Cute

Whether you are home alone or chilling with your partner, winter nights are perfect opportunities for rocking your comfy gear. From head to toe, you want to be warm, but not at the expense of looking good. Your soft Izzy and Liv stretch footsies will definitely compliment any chic robe or pajamas. They are super cute and you will be, too, when you’re sporting them.

Create Your Own Winter Oasis

Ring in the holiday season in a space that you curate with all of the things that bring you comfort and joy. If you want to go all out, then, deck all of your halls. If not, choose a spot that you feel will be the place of respite this winter. Candles galore, shimmery winter or holiday themed pillows, soft blankets, and songs that give you life on repeat, and you have the makings for a fabulous, and personalized winter oasis.

Make Your ‘Fit Even More Fabulous

If you haven’t pulled them out already, Girl, go on and get your leather wear and furs. They do not have to be real. Faux is fun! What matters is that they look good and that they make you feel fabulous. When you show up for those winter holiday events, put on the glitz with those statement leather and fur pieces. You can make the look uber chic with embellishments and by layering them with really elegant textures. Satin or sequin blouses will bring sparkle, and add a layer of interest to your outfit. Complete your look with your Izzy and Liv Infinity Scarf and and matching clutch. They are gonna be jelly, for real. Uh, OK! Sis, experiment with your look and be bold with your ensembles. That’s the real way to make this season bright!


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