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The Purge: Start 2021 on a Bright Note by Tossing These Items

Written By: Girl Tyler

The big holiday rush has come and gone, now the final week of 2020 is here and you have a moment of solace prior to the hustle and bustle of the New Year. Before you get carried away with writing out extensive New Year’s resolutions, make decluttering your home a top priority. The pathway to a truly fresh start requires a healthy purge.

Clutter can negatively impact your mental health causing stress and anxiety. So what is clutter? The shoes you purchased on clearance three years ago because you just had to have them but never got around to wearing them outside of your home. The stained tupperware with missing lids. And of course, there are the unopened birthday and Christmas gifts. You love the gift giver but hate their gift. It’s their thoughtfulness that keeps you holding on, right? Let it go, girl.

Sorting through personal items, whether you’ve developed an attachment or forgotten that you even own them, is no easy feat. In fact, decluttering requires patience and a chunk of time, however, the payoff is worth it. Don’t attack it all at once. Organize one room at a time and reward yourself in between.

Here are a few items you should immediately purge:

Ill-fitting clothing

You purchased these items with good intent, but hey girl, if more than a year has passed by, you’re not going to wear it. Be honest with yourself. Part ways with the “I’ll wear this later” clothing in your closet. Try a clothing swap with your girlfriends, sell them online, or take them to a contactless donation drop-off near you.

Expired meds

There's a bit of wiggle room after medications expire, but don't push it. The longer they're sitting around, the potency will wear off which diminishes its effectiveness. Use your best judgment.

The fridge

Toss those holiday leftovers and the moldy items that you keep pushing to the back. (Check the freezer, cabinets, and spice rack too for expired products!)

Old makeup and beauty products

Makeup isn’t always good down to the very last drop especially when you’ve had it for an extended period of time. In fact, old makeup can irritate your skin causing bacteria build-up and an acne breakout. Although there isn't an expiration date on certain products, a general rule of thumb is to toss powder and foundation every 12 months. Mascara is only good for 90 days. Eyeshadow and eyeliner should be replaced every six months to a year.

Transition into 2021 with clarity and a renewed state of mind by doing away with non-essential items cluttering your space. Pretty soon you’ll breathe a bit easier. Moving forward, aim to do a declutter once a quarter to save time and space for new items that you may acquire over the year.

And the list continues:

  • Dry nail polish
  • Wire hangers
  • Spare change (cash it in)
  • Travel-sized toiletries from your last hotel stay
  • Old phone cords and remotes to the TV
  • Ratty towels and linens
  • Halloween costumes you’ll never wear again
  • Perfume bottoms with only a few drops left
  • Outdated paper files and receipts
  • Matted wigs and hairpieces
  • Rusted tools and broken appliances
  • Random water bottles
  • Old toothbrushes



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