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Where You Going?! 4 Trips To Escape The Cold - Winter Trip Ideas

Written By: Saeeda Ruffin

Sis, are you ready for a break from the winter wonderland, yet? Every season has something great to offer. In the winter, you have the beautiful snow, the holidays, and maybe even ice skating. But, that winter weather can be a trip. After those winds howl on you one time too many, you will probably be ready to take a break from the cold. But, where can you go? 

With the whole pandemic thing going on, travel has become a bit challenging. Thankfully, it’s not impossible! So, when you’re ‘ret to go’, you want to choose destinations that will not only be amazing to explore, but that will be WARM, too! To get you all psyched about the possibilities, here are 4 trips to help you escape the cold:


Hawaii might just be calling your name. Folks have been flocking to Hawaii’s beautiful islands ever since the extreme travel restrictions were lifted. That being said, there are so many islands to choose from and explore. Hawaii is known for their year-round tropical weather which makes trekking there during the winter a no-brainer. While you are there, take in a luau, visit the pineapple fields, and check out an actual volcano. Aloha, Sis!

The Bahamas

The Bahamas never fail to satisfy. You can hop on a cruise or just fly in. Either way, making your way to those phenomenal islands will warm your soul. The balmy weather affords the perfect opportunity for hanging out at the beach, swimming with the dolphins, or even going on a submarine ride. Oh, and those glass-bottom boats are all of that, too! And Sis, the seafood is beyond glorious!

Mexico Viva, Mexico! 

Mexican resorts are world-renowned and are a fantastic respite from the cold weather and daily grind. One of the biggest wins for those traveling to Mexico is that they can get REAL, AUTHENTIC Mexican food, and not the white-washed Americanized version of it. Mexico has a very intriguing history, and there are so many places for hiking and outdoor adventures. Just be sure to stayin the safest areas and don't venture too far off the beaten path. 


Florida brings the heat, Baby! The farther south you go, the warmer it seems to get. So, whether you choose to go to Orlando where that big mouse house is, to Miami for the nightlife (Izzy & Liv Dress will be FABULOUS for that), or Key West, to experience the southernmost point in the U.S., you can be assured of some fun in the sun. Florida is also the hub for many cruises to other fabulous places, including the Caribbean (also a perfect place to escape to). Get your gear and head on down there. 

Sis, make sure you have your passport, book those flights and accommodations, and plan to have the most amazing time of your life. Go on and break free from the cold! It will be there whether you’re in or not. Winter can be a wonderful time of year, but remember, you can spend it any place you want...even in the hot sun!

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