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5 Films To Warm Your Winter Nights

Written By: Saeeda Ruffin

Between the blustery days and the snow-filled nights, winter brings some strong weather. Those winds will have a Sister Wrapped up like a mummy trying to get through that cold and doing all that can make you a little bit weary. After a long day of working, caring for the family, or just going about your day, you want to come home to a warm place and unwind. 

Whether you are chillaxin’ alone or with your bae, sometimes, you want to just kick back and watch a movie that you can relate to, or that warms your heart. There is something comforting in hearing other people’s stories, and the self-reflection captivating movie moments evoke. 

So, grab those soft Izzy & Liv footsies, fill your Queen Suprememug with your favorite winter brew, and dive into this awesome lineup of Black movies that will absolutely warm your winter nights:

Mahogany starring Diana Ross, Billy Dee Williams, and Anthony Perkins will take you back to the dawning of the age of the independent woman. In this film, the audience watches the rise of a young fashion designer, and the strain that her success hason the different relationships in her life. Auntie Diana and Billy Dee Williams are absolutely magnificent in this movie, and weWANT them together...period. When he says, “Success is NOTHING without someone to share it with!” hearts all over the planet melt.

Southside With You starring Tika Sumpter and Parker Sawyers is the love story of one of the most beloved couples in Black history, Barack and Michelle Obama. It’s impossible not to get pulled into their lives and romance, especially since we know the real-life phenomenal ending.

The Photograph starring Issa Rae and Lakeith Stanford captured audiences’ hearts with just the trailer, for real! Sis, you will not be alone if you find yourself getting all emotional with this one, wondering if they will work out, what’s in the letter, and how it will all end. It’s worth every minute of your evening.

Something New starring Sanaa Lathan and Simon Baker will have you really considering what YOU want out of this life. Watching Sanaa grapple with whether to date interracially and whethershe can accept life with someone who works a regular, shmegular job is a familiar story formany Blackwomen. Money or love? Status or happiness? Yes, Sistas want it all, and we can have it all...but, sometimes, it may not come in the package one expects.

How Stella Got Her Groove Back Stars some of Black Hollywood’s finest, including Auntie Angela Bassett, who is absolutely entertainment royalty. This movie will make you take stock of your relationship and, for those not in one, it can help you to identify those “red flags” that folks tend to overlook. Ultimately, Auntie Angela reigns supreme as she becomes more self-confident, more comfortable with her own identity, and willing to be authentic in her dealing with others. Sistas can learn a whole lot from this film. If you are watching with bae, after this, both of you will likely be more attentive to each other, realizing that just “being in a relationship” does not necessarily guarantee fulfillment and happiness. This movie may just help you take your love higher.

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