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Weekly Wrap-Up: One Last Celebration

Hey y’all! Everybody good? Holding up okay? I know last week was a rough one but we still hanging in there. This week was a much need breath of fresh air and I truly hope you enjoyed it. Here’s what went down this week in case you missed anything!

Celebrating the Obama’s

Love & Happiness: An Obama Celebration

This is really it y’all. I know, I know. We’ve been talking about it for weeks, MONTHS, really. But, this is the last stretch of the Obama administration. To send them off in style, BET aired a special, Love and Happiness: An Obama Celebration, earlier this week and it was everything we needed and more. The Block Party, I mean, celebration featured the greatest of black entertainment and excellence applauding, thanking, and honoring the last historic eight years.

Love & Happiness: An Obama Celebration

The event called for the voices of Jill Scott and Common, Regina King and Leslie Odom Jr. A praise break from none other than Yolanda Adams, Michelle Williams, and Kiki Shepard. A brief throwback with Bel Biv Devoe. And countless other moments, along with countless other black supporters, all celebrating a monumental time in history.

And of course, the sheer love and admiration of our POTUS and FLOTUS was in full effect. From their lowkey soul-train stroll to Michelle letting us know she wasn’t finna turn down this night. Oh…and did I mention President Obama and his two step? I am undone at this point. Let’s just move on…

Love & Happiness: An Obama Celebration

Black Twitter for the Win


You can always count on Black Twitter to brighten up even the darkest moods. While we were all still coming to grips this week about life after Obama…Gospel singer Shirley Caesar reminded us that we need to keep our heads up. Thanksgiving is coming and you know what that means. Greens. Beans. Potatoes. Tomatoes. An old video of what we are sure was an epic testimony has gone viral. Giving us all something to smile about as only a good sermon and Black Twitter can. Here are a few of our favorites:

The dance moves because why not…

And for our Vegan friends…

*The original clip is from a live performance of Shirley’s “Hold My Mule”. 

Also on Black Twitter…Kermit’s Back

Who would have thought that we could resurrect Kermit…AGAIN. This time is not the tea, it’s a hooded Kermit that represents that shady, petty, irresponsible side that we “pretend” doesn’t exist. Oh you don’t know what I’m talking about? Okay. Well, everyone else on Twitter does. Seriously, search Hooded Kermit and see. What’s your hooded Kermit trying to talk you into doing?

What to Watch this Weekend


So, if you haven’t tuned into Insecure, the HBO show of former Youtuber and creator of the webseries Awkward Black Girl Issa Rae, you’re late and I need you to hop on the bandwagon. HBO is streaming it for FREE.99 for one month so go on and get your binge watch on.

Almost Christmas

Also, ‘tis the season for black holiday movies and Almost Christmas is definitely one to check out. The premise is pretty typical, dysfunctional family coming together during the holidays and everything you can imagine that comes along with that. Catch some of our faves in the movie like Mo’Nique, Gabrielle Union, Danny Glover, Kimberly Elise, Omar Epps, and Nicole Ari Parker among many others.

Until next week…Have a great weekend!

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