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How to Get Ready For The Holidays

They will be here before you know it. The holidays are quickly approaching and they are likely taking up space in your daily thoughts. Most people are thinking about all that they will have to do to be prepared for the upcoming season of food, gifts, and family.

Thoughts of holidays can really cloud your brain and stress you out. There just seems like it is so much to do and so little time to get it done. You want everything “just right” and you want everyone to enjoy these precious moments together. So, we have some tips that will help you to get organized, keep your sanity, and ring in the holidays with cheer! Here are a few ways to get ready for the holidays:

Get Thrifty With Your Decorations For The Holidays

Shop thrift stores for decor and decorations for the holidays. Why spend top dollar if you don’t have to? You can create amazing looks for the holidays by mixing and matching an awesome array of items that you find at thrift stores. The whole point for holiday decorating is to make your home look festive and inviting. You can do just that, but for less than a third of the price by shopping at thrift stores. One of the main things to remember when thrift store shopping is to go in with a palette or theme in mind. That will help you to stay on track when you find all of those great treasures.

Hotels Make Holidays Manageable

Use alternative lodging. It might not seem as hospitable as in times past, but you can avoid a lot of relationship strain during the holidays if people have alternative places to go. Having everyone in the family stay at your home may seem fun and accommodating. However, sometimes, being in close quarters for too long can cause a little friction. So, consider using local hotels for your family and guests.

Kids Count Too During The Holidays

Don’t leave the kids out. It’s easy to focus everything around food and adults when it comes to the holidays, but that will make for many bored little ones. Plan out an area and very kid-specific activities. This will allow the little ones to retreat and have fun without disturbing the flow in the other areas. A table just for the kids is always a good addition, as well.

Get Holiday Gifts Early

Try not to leave gift shopping until right before the holidays. Buy gifts when you see them. It will likely be a lot less expensive depending on when you buy the gift. This will also allow for you to have more time to decorate and prepare for your other holiday tasks. Find a good hiding space and get those gifts ahead of time. Your wallet and your sanity will thank you!

Prep For Your Dry Goods and Frozen Foods

Plan your holiday meal and get all of the dry goods well in advance. Set an area in your cabinet or pantry where you can corral all of your holiday dry goods. That way, when the time comes to use them, you’re not searching around or trying to buy them at the last minute. Also, you will know exactly what you have, and you will have more time to find specialty items that are only available during the holidays. This also holds true for anything that can be bought frozen.

Make Cleaning For The Holidays A Non-Event

Buy disposable tablecloths to use during the holiday food prep. For less than a dollar, you can eliminate tons of clean up time. There is something extremely satisfying about grabbing up a tablecloth, with all of the food bits and mess, and throwing the whole thing in the garbage.


You want to spend your holiday enjoying yourself while you host others. The key to making that work is to minimize tasks that take the joy away for you. Be realistic about your expectations, and try to keep everything in perspective, and you will definitely feel like you are ready for the holidays.


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