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5 Lipsticks That Will Last Through Your Thanksgiving Dinner

Hey Ladies! Lipsticks are necessary for every woman’s makeup bag. You never know when you have to show up looking your best. With Thanksgiving approaching, the same rule applies. However, knowing you are going to chow down on some delicious food, a lipstick that is not going to smear is a must. Don’t have long-lasting lip-wear? No fear! Check out these 5 longlasting lipsticks that will last through your Thanksgiving dinner:

1.) Wet n’ Wild MegaLast in Cinnamon Spice ($2.49)

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This is one lipstick that is great to wear on Turkey Day. Wet N Wild MegaLast in Cinnamon Spice is a super-rich, semi-matte, velvet color that will last for approx. 4 hours. If you time it right, you will have a stain-free silverware during Thanksgiving dinner.  

2.) Izzy and Liv Matte Lip Gloss Trip ($12.00)

Okay. We’ve got to toot our horn here. If you got this set then you already know where it’s at! The matte lip gloss trio compromises of three lovely colors that are very long lasting. Trust us! These lipsticks will last you from your Thanksgiving dinner and well into dessert.

3.) Fenty Beauty Stunna Boss Nudes ($72)


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Let’s be real! Rhianna’s Fenty Beauty is worth splurging on. Her new Stunna Boss Nudes lipsticks a must have in time for that Thanksgiving Day dinner with the fam! It comes in a pack of three long-lasting lip-paints. Just one swipe across the lips, giving precision and glam, and you are ready to go!

4.) NYX Matte Lipstick in Dark Era ($4.50)


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This sweet, affordable shade is great to have in your collection. NYX’s matte lipstick in Dark Era is a sexy off plum shade that’ll work perfectly with your autumnal outfit AND get you through Turkey Day without a smear. What’s great about NYX lipsticks are they glide on smoothly and leave your lips very soft.

5.) Pat McGrath Matte Trance Lipstick in Omi ($38)

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Pat McGrath’s lipsticks are gorgeous. How can you not have one this season? Her fully pigmented, matte lipstick in Omi is a perfect rose shade to wear to Thanksgiving dinner. They last long on the lips and will leave them feeling soft and looking sensual.

Wearing lipstick on Thanksgiving dinner shouldn’t be messy.  It should stay on while you sit there enjoying your food. Find yourself a great long lasting lipstick and you will have no problems.

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