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The #NOMakeUpMovement and Why It’s Important

Recently, the beautiful and talented Alicia Keys started making more waves in the social media world for reasons other than her music. The 15x Grammy Award winning singer started this No Make-up Movement to empower herself, and it is quickly gaining the support of many fans.

It all started when she planned to take photos for her latest song. For her single, “In Common,” Keys was asked to take a few bare-faced pictures and she was empowered by the freedom she felt without being covered by make-up.

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Prior to this photo shoot, Alicia Keys had particular feelings about leaving the house without make-up. Being a celebrity in the limelight, having your picture taken without your knowledge is common, and she constantly worried about having pictures uploaded to the Internet in case she chose not to wear make-up. She called her thoughts “insecure” and “superficial” because these stemmed from and relied heavily on what others thought of her.

Now, Alicia Keys is steamrolling the No Make-up Movement. When asked why she’s moved over to not wearing make-up, she answered, “’Cause I don’t want to cover up anymore. Not my face, not my mind, not my soul, not my thoughts, not my dreams, not my struggles, not my emotional growth. Nothing.”

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Countless of men on social media platforms are commending Alicia Keys on her movement away from make-up, but what they fail to realize is that the #NoMakeUpMovement is not meant to please them. In the days of “take her swimming on the first date,” men attempt to make women feel inferior because of their use of make-up. The constant comments that women don’t need to wear ‘all that’ makeup aren’t welcomed, and this is not what the #NoMakeUpMovement is about either.

Alicia Keys isn’t heading this movement to convince women that they shouldn’t wear make-up. This platform is meant to show those women who may feel as insecure as Alicia Keys did that they don’t have to hide behind their makeup to feel beautiful.

Many women choose to wear make-up because it’s fun and they enjoy enhancing their already beautiful features. Other women also choose to wear make-up because they’re afraid of letting others see what’s underneath. The #NoMakeUpMovement is for these women.

We should never have to be afraid or feel insecure about showing our true selves because we are all beautiful. Once we are able to develop self-love, wearing make-up or going bare faced will not affect this relationship we have built with ourselves.

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Whether you’re walking around with a full face of makeup or your natural appearance, as long as you feel confident in who you are, no one and nothing can make you feel insecure because you’re a girl on fire.

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