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Summer Fashion

Summer has arrived! Time to get the wardrobe right and try out some of our favorite summer styles. While there are many different trends going on nowadays, ranging from bodycon dresses to skin tight leggings, many of them tend to not be summer friendly (especially if you’re not yet summer body ready).  And let’s be honest, a lot of styles that are cool now actually come from 90’s fashion anyway. Let’s take a look at some of the best ones.


Summer Fashion: Overalls

I can’t remember a summer during my elementary school years where I didn’t have a pair of overalls. They are so comfortable and always fit just right for all of my young outdoor adventures. As an adult, they can be great to wear for a day out with some friends, a concert, or even You can make them look even better by pairing it with a graphic tee, or leaving one strap down.

High Waisted Shorts

izzyandliv_high waist

A classic look that stands the test of time is high waisted shorts. Whether it is made out of jean material, spandex, or even corduroy, this fashion statement is sure to wow any crowd. Add a belt to make it more of a cinched look, pair it with your favorite top, and you’re ready to go.


Summer Fashion: Windbreaker

You can still look great during the cool summer nights by wearing a windbreaker jacket. These coats are great because they are lightweight so you won’t break a sweat, and they come in a variety of colors. Try adding a neon one to your look to make your outfit pop.


Summer Fashion: Snapbacks

Hats are great for summer to hide your eyes and to add a bit a flair to a look. A fitted snapback is an easy way to show your love for an artist, sports team, or maybe just a cool saying. Back in the day, it might have been cool to wear your hat backward; I’d caution to keep that in the past. Very few can rock that look successfully.

Sports Gear

Summer Fashion: Sportswear

Watch any 90’s hip-hop music video and you’ll be hard pressed to not find some Adidas or Nike clothing. You can try on a fitted crop top with the signature two lines down the sides. Anything oversized from these brands will make you look amazing, and give off that 90’s hip-hop feel.

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