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How To Support Black Businesses Year Round

Support Black Businesses

Another year and another chance to support black-owned businesses! Black-owned businesses, like Izzy & Liv, cannot thrive without the support of patrons and customers. It is amazing to see many black men and women out there in the world, taking charge of their careers by serving others. However, it isn’t easy out there! People need to know that black business owners need love too. Not many people in the country promote black businesses like our white counterparts. Whether you love a black woman’s Etsy shop or a black man’s local bakery, it is important to show support all year round. Here is how you can continue to support us and other black businesses:

1.) Spread The Word

Promote, recommend, and promote some more! One of the best ways to support black businesses is talking about the ones you love. Get on social media, post pictures of the products you bought to show the world about the black-owned business you invest in. Technological help aside, word of mouth is still valuable. Tell your friends, family, and even co-workers about how awesome your favorite business is.

2.) Appreciate Customer Service

This goes without saying but it must be said. Customer service reps work very hard to make a customer happy. Knowing how hard it is for black business owners work to maintain success despite institutionalized racism and prejudice in this country, it is important you keep a good attitude while they are helping you feel satisfied with your order. We should all ensure we let customer service reps do their job, show patience, and respect the work they do because it is not easy.

3.) Subscribe To E-mail Lists & Subscription Boxes

Signing up for mailing lists to receive newsletters keeps you clued in on services, discounts and valuable blog posts. Izzy & Liv has a newsletter and offers beautiful monthly subscription boxes for customers to purchase. Staying up to date like this shows black business owners that you are happy with what they do.

4.) Don’t Forget About IRL Businesses

It’s very common to support online businesses, including Etsy shops. However, we can not forget about the ones located in your city. Go shop at your local black-owned business by becoming a patron for their store. If you are allowed, take pictures of the place and show your love for them via social media. That way everyone will know that there are black business owners in town people should be more recognized for the work incredible work they do.

5.) Host Events!

If you want to show support and help your favorite store generate business, try setting up an event. Host birthday parties, charities, or work function at the location. This way people in the neighborhood, family, and friends will be able to visit. It’s a fantastic way for your favorite black-owned business to get more customers.

*photo via Create Her Stock

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